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Amazon Prime Day 2019

Can retailers compete with "best deal" price leadership? We compare competitor prices and showcase some of the best deals of the day anywhere on the internet.

Amazon Sale: Best Prime Day Deals of 2019

Amazon’s Prime Day event, returning for its 5th year, becomes less and less about Amazon each year

While you can still get significant savings on everything from high-end makeup to protective armor for your dog, the culture surrounding Prime Day has transformed from shoppers saving 20% on a new TV into a mad-dash for major retailers, desperate to chase Amazon’s prices.

Main Takeaways: Best Amazon Deals in Each Category

For the over 250 competing online retailers, this push to match Amazon’s razor-thin margins might end up carrying more consequences than expected. 

Target, one of Amazon’s largest rivals, debuted its competitor to Prime Day, ungracefully titled Target Deal Days. Continuing the ungraceful streak, Target Deal Days is occurring concurrently with Prime Day, with the retailer stating that “1000’s of deals and savings” are available.

Unsurprisingly, Target has dropped prices on many similar products on sale during Prime Day. Take the Dyson Ball Animal vacuum cleaner. Expensive, aesthetic, and $250 off on Amazon. On Target? Only the Slim version is on sale, with a mere $100.00 off.

Want to purchase a Soda Stream? Amazon’s Prime Day saw a reduction in price by 25% and the inclusion of both a BPA-free bottle and CO2– this same discounted price is offered by Target, minus any of the add-ons.

A Closer Look at Prime Day Competition

Take another significant player in retail, Walmart. To counter Amazon, Walmart launched its own prime day– except for 4 days rather than 2. Conveniently started the day before Prime Day, Walmart has been quick to counter Amazon’s sale through playing catch-up on its pricing, albeit more successfully than Target.

On Amazon, these Bose Soundlink II headphones are cut from $229.00 to just $159.00 on Prime Day. On Walmart? They are now on sale, at the same cost.

Interested in purchasing a new PS4? Amazon dropped its God of War Bundle by $150 to $350– a bold move that Walmart copied (sans the included game) and has currently available.  

Public Reception to Prime Day

John Nash, the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at RedPoint Global, was quoted in The New York Times echoing the same sentiment. “There are all these retailers that are jumping on the bandwagon, and retailers need to turn their marketing dollars into profitable revenue growth, and it is yet to be proven that these events are profitable,” Nash told the Times. 

Guy Yehiav, Chief Executive of Profitect, gave NYT similar thoughts. “By offering steep discounts on products now, retailers remove the incentive for their customers to visit during the traditional back-to-school season when they can offer the same items at a planned margin.”

With no signs of Prime Day slowing down– Coresight Research estimated that Amazon could generate $5.8 billion in sales during Prime Day 2019. Brick and mortar stores will either learn to adapt or grind their margins into dust.

Rather than jumping onto every trend, retailers still have one key advantage over Amazon: their physical store space. Choosing to spend money on leveraging their physical imprint and evolving it into a customer experience would give Target a means to compete with Amazon, rather than chasing digital trends. 

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