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December 6, 2022
Allstate Pet
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  • Breed-Specific conditions
  • Existing Allstate customers
  • Anyone with multiple pets
  • Quality agent support
  • Plenty of coverage options
  • Can be confusing if you try to buy if you’re not an Allstate customer

Allstate Pet Ratings at a Glance

Allstate Pet Coverage

Allstate Pet Insurance, known for its “nose to tail” protection, gets a 5-star rating for its coverage range. Owners often have to make the difficult decision between costly care and a sick pet. You don’t have to worry about that with pet health coverage that will help you do right by your pet. That's why Benzinga offers this Allstate pet insurance review.

This insurance includes all vet bills that are the result of accidents, illness and disease. In other words, your pet-related emergency care costs are covered. Expensive conditions like cancer and chemotherapy are covered under pet insurance.

Surgical procedures, hospitalization and nursing or rehabilitative care fall under the protection plan. Basic lab work and diagnostic tests like MRIs and X-rays are also part of the plan.

Any medications your pet requires for health issues are covered under the Allstate pet insurance policy.

Allstate indicates that it will cover your pet’s genetic conditions as long as your pet has no symptoms of the condition at the time you purchase the policy. Some alternative care options like acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and holistic medicine treatments qualify. 

Treatment for recurrent chronic conditions that include allergies, diabetes and hyperthyroidism are also covered.

With such a wide range of offerings that share or improve on similar qualities of other pet insurers, it is suggested that you speak with an agent to carefully review any coverage limitations.

What’s Not Covered by Allstate Pet Insurance?

It is important to note that if a pet already shows signs of pre-existing conditions, they are not covered by the policy. You should consider signing up as early as you can to avoid this issue.

Typically, pregnancy, breeding and whelping vet fees are not covered under pet insurance.

Along with treatments for behavioral issues, root canals or crowns, also known as orthodontic and endodontic care, are not covered by Allstate pet insurance policies.

Pet foods, vitamins, supplements and personal care items such as shampoo or ear cleaner do not fall under the protection policy either.

Other qualifications that determine if your pet is eligible for a policy is its age. In order to sign a new health insurance policy, your pet has to be under the age of 14. A helpful word of advice, if your pet is older than 14 or has been diagnosed/shown symptoms of diabetes, Cushing’s, Addison’s disease, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukemia virus (FeLV), accident-only plans potentially make the most sense.

Allstate Customer Service Rating

Customer service rates are among the top in the industry when selecting Allstate pet insurance. An agent is always ready and available to work with you if you need further assistance. You’ll find many support options, frequently asked questions and phone coverage around the clock. You can even use social media to contact Allstate on pet insurance, wellness coverage and emergency care. Allstate will provide you with a main customer support member who can guide you through the process.

Allstate Customer Pricing

In comparison to its competitors, prices are generally fair but not exceptional, which influences an overall lower rating. However, the company is upfront about price and doesn’t drag you around in circles to figure out actual cost. Factors like breed, type and age of your pet, location and deductible all go into determining the pricing. 

Pet insurance averages for dogs are anywhere between $25 to $40 per month and $15 to $30 for cats. The deductibles are flexible, and reimbursement levels are high. With the initial mindset of a lower rating, the elements listed above contribute to an overall 3.5 star rating.

Be sure to reach out to your area’s Allstate agent for more valuable information regarding pet health insurance. It will help you make sure your pets look and feel their best.

Allstate Pet Insurance Mobile App

With an overall 4-star rating, Embrace’s fairly new mobile app provides an easy way to file a claim and receive service. A great app can make all the difference in accessing and using insurance. The app is user-friendly and available for Androids and iOS. In 1 quick touch of a button, policyholders can upload invoices or documents by taking a photo, and they have effortless access to their account information from the vet’s office. Even better, the app is free and is located in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Allstate Pet User Benefits

Fortunately, pet insurance coverage by Allstate is similar to most pet insurance companies that include comprehensive policies. Comprehensive policies are the most coverage you would desire for your pet. The plans typically include medical bill reimbursement from injuries and accidents, emergency care, illness and treatments, surgeries, all diagnostic tests and prescription medicines. This quality coverage gives you more ways to ensure your pet is protected from any unforeseeable events. Genetic conditions are a huge component of this plan.

Allstate support is 2nd to none, with customer service readily available for you and your pet’s needs. A discussion of emergency care leads right into wellness care options. This rewards plan can be added to an already existing policy. Routine procedures like vaccines, annual checkups, preventative care, dental cleaning and flea or tick prevention are all included in the wellness plan.  

Most importantly, under this policy if your pet develops a genetic condition, such as hip dysplasia, Allstate will cover it as long as your dog doesn’t show symptoms of the condition prior to enrollment. Furthermore, Benzinga gives Allstate’s user benefits an overall 4-star rating because with these options it is tough to say whether or not you could find another coverage as generous as this pet insurance.

Allstate User Experience

Even though Allstate is better known for home and auto insurance, it is well aware that pets are important members of your family. Pets need coverage too. With an easy-to-use website, online quotes are made easy for you. It is reassuring to know that the ability to work with a human agent can bring great relief if you require more support. Lastly, you have the opportunity to use the Embrace app to file claims. The Allstate/Embrace user experience gets a 4.5-star rating.

Allstate Pet Insurance vs. Competitors

The key differences between Allstate pet insurance and competitors boil down to pricing and how honest the agents are about the policy. You won’t be left in the dark when it comes to calculating the total price for your pet insurance, and Allstate pet insurance is there to guide you through the end. The most rewarding aspect covered under this policy is genetic condition coverage. This feature provides pet owners with peace of mind if anything were to befall their beloved pet. Prices are relatively low, which gives the insurance all the more an appeal to pet owners.

Allstate Pet Insurance Overall Rating

Given the pros and cons of Allstate pet Insurance, its overall rating is 4 stars. A rating slightly below 5 stars results in part from the confusion you might experience purchasing and using insurance through Allstate but not being an actual customer of the agency. Since the pet insurance policy is in reality offered by a 3rd party, the American Modern Insurance Group, you can see where confusion might overshadow some of the positives. What holds the rating up is the quality of coverage options and includes coverage of genetic conditions. As long as your pet doesn’t display symptoms prior to enrollment, you will be pleased to hear that your pet is in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Allstate pet insurance work?


Allstate pet insurance, offered through a 3rd party and in conjunction with Embrace, provides emergency, genetic condition, and chronic care health insurance for pets. It is noteworthy that Allstate offers pet coverage with no limits on benefit totals. Just make sure after each vet visit you hold onto your receipts. From there you will be able to file claims.


What are the best pet insurance plans?


All the best pet insurance plans have good rates, plenty of coverage, and top-notch customer service. Just be sure to keep in mind that you must match the policy to your pet.


Can pet insurance save money?


If your pet experiences an emergency or develops an illness, pet insurance can save a lot of money on vet bills.

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