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Even Jim Cramer Tired of Being Jim Cramer


Further proof that celebrities are as prone to doing dumb things as the rest of us, ‘Mad Money' host Jim Cramer posted some odd, angry, and probably ill-advised tweets Friday.

Whether it's the result of boredom, exhaustion, or just some good old-fashioned venting of the soul, Cramer accidentally provided entertainment for millions across the globe on an otherwise slow-news Friday the 13th.

His twitter war with a handful of people you've probably never heard of is available on twitter, under his user name @jimcramer. Here are a few of his crazier tweets from today, along with some possible interpretations.

“It is like the NFL. When you come into my zone with offensive football i am going to hit you just like any pro does.” It's pretty clear that what Cramer means is, if you're Jon Stewart, and you embarrass the hell out of Cramer (as Stewart did on the Daily Show in 2009), he will not take kindly to that. (Note to self: avoid the Bear Stearns jokes.)

“One other thought, like the NFL, i block you into oblivion. I am done with allowing people to lie about me. They pay. And they pay hard.” But do they? They get a free 15 minutes of fame. Cramer ends up Leno's punchline (for all 3 of Leno's remaining viewers) for the next few days. Not a good trade!

“When i have let the lies go without impunity, when i do not come down hard on them, we just get more moron comments.” This would have been a good time for someone to step in and let Cramer know that, on the internet, the rules are completely backward. If you respond to trolls, they won. They win the game every time.

“@Mansur180 i shut down the haters. I will not have Twitter devolve to some stupid chat room where people take shots at me.” See above.

“Not only that, but if these guys ever try to join the Elks i will do my best to blackball them! !!!!”

Oh my. I suspect (and hope) he was saying that with a grin.

The silly thing about all this is Cramer is in the position where he cannot win. He makes calls on stocks. Sometimes he is right and makes people a pile of money. Those people are never heard from. Then he makes one call that, in hindsight, isn't so good, and he never hears the end of it. A little light-hearted joking? Good for the soul. Endless chatter about him being a hack, or the hub of some crazy conspiracy, or whatever? Not cool.

That said, someone probably should talk to Cramer about the art of trolling on the internet, and how maybe it isn't in his best interests to take the bait and fight with these people.

I believe the adage is “Never argue with stupid people. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Don't let them, Jim.

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