Are Companies Like EzFill Fueling The Future Of Convenience?

On-demand services continue to grow in popularity since the pandemic started, with transportation, groceries and food takeout increasingly available with the tap of an app. 

The next major service to jump on the on-demand bandwagon seems to be fuel delivery.

What’s The Buzz With On-Demand Fuel Delivery?

Customers can use an app to order fuel delivered to their vehicles wherever they are rather than waiting in line to fill up. 

Over the past decade, the number of gas stations reported in the United States has steadily declined, possibly making on-demand fuel even more desirable. 

Corporate giants like Shell plc SHEL, Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM, General Motors Co. GM, DoorDash, Inc. DASH and Just Eat N.V. JTKWY have seemingly been quick to recognize this unique opportunity and invested in the rapidly growing on-demand mobile fueling industry, which is estimated to grow year-on-year at $200 million.

EzFill Holdings Inc. EZFL, a Miami-based on-demand mobile fuel delivery provider, says it is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the demand for mobile fuel delivery and has been taking steps to capture a lion’s share of the market. 

EzFill states that it is the only company in the market to provide fuel delivery in three vertical segments: consumer, commercial and specialty vehicles. It serves commercial fleet owners, marine customers, construction companies and agricultural businesses as well as consumers.

“There are multiple benefits to on-demand mobile fuel delivery, from improved employee productivity to lower fuel costs and a cleaner environment,” EzFill CEO Mike McConnell said. “For commercial customers, at-site delivery of fuel during downtimes enables operators to begin their daily operations with fully fueled vehicles at cost savings. The service also eliminates the downtime required to fuel their vehicles as well as having to pay drivers to perform this nonrevenue-generating task.”

The company reported that its selling point is that on-demand mobile fuel delivery enables people to fill up their cars without having to leave home or the workplace. Customers just open the app on their mobile device, provide their location and schedule a time to fuel their vehicle. 

EzFill positions itself as an emerging leader in the fast-growing mobile fuel industry and says it has the largest market share in its home state of Florida.

A Guarantee Like No Other?

On May 23, EzFill announced the launch of its Emergency Fuel Services program for residential customers in Florida.

The Fuel Guarantee Program enables its subscription clients to use the EzFill App to have their gas tanks filled during a hurricane or other severe weather events. To use the service, customers open the app on their mobile device, provide their location and schedule a time to have their vehicle fueled. The subscription cost includes unlimited deliveries.

“Floridians are all too familiar with the exceptionally long lines that form at local gas stations during hurricanes and other emergencies, with no guarantee that fuel will be available. The EzFill Fuel Guarantee Program provides our members with peace of mind knowing their vehicles will be topped off without having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes or places of work, in addition to having a full tank of gas in case of the need to evacuate for any reason,” said MIke McConnell. “Furthermore, we will be placing our trucks in strategic locations to assist the public during weather emergencies.”

The company reported plans to launch two additional services ahead of Florida’s prime hurricane season, including its Generator Guarantee Program and Fuel Pop Up Gas Stations.

  • The EzFill Generator Guarantee Program is aimed at eliminating the threat of power outages at condominiums, hospitals, assisted living facilities and other businesses by providing the fuel and expertise needed to keep generators running throughout an emergency.
  • EzFill Fuel Pop-Up Gas Stations are planned to be placed at accessible locations during times of emergencies.

EzFill says it will expand its reach in Florida, with launches planned for Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and other cities around the U.S.over the next two years. 

Learn more about EzFill here.

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