New Eco-Friendly Products Have Removed The Pricing Barrier For Consumers

What if you could use the sun to power your life?

With companies like GoSun, that’s not out of reach. GoSun has developed a slew of new solar products for an outdoor recreation industry that accounted for nearly $460 billion in sales in 2019 and continues on an exponential growth pattern. 

GoSun has developed a process for launching innovations that power essential needs with renewable energy products, including solar ovens, coolers, water purifiers, and chargers, which produce no emissions. The company has sold more than 100,000 products across 70 countries and has seen exponential growth in its sales (109% year over year growth in 2020)  — winning Climate Change Innovation and Small Business of the Year awards from CES. 

As an example of its solar innovation, here’s an eco-friendly purchase suggestion: GoSun ovens consume up to 10 times less energy than ordinary conventional ovens. Its GoSun Sport is a best-selling solar oven and can bake, roast and steam a meal for two people in just 20 minutes under direct sunlight. 

Reduce Emmissions Without Compromising On Lifestyle

The global effort to reduce emissions comes at an inauspicious time for global consumers. The goal of the recent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotlandsummit was not only to cut emissions but to tell the world that change is coming to the way goods and services are produced and consumed.  But the bigger question is: Will consumers do their part to change their buying habits, shift to sustainable products and be wary of their environmental impact? 

A new survey of 6,000 consumers in 11 countries from global professional services consulting firm Accenture Plc ACN suggests more consumers are paying attention to a product's environmental impact. But, according to the same survey, affordability and quality are still the driving forces behind a vast majority of purchases. 

Fortunately for environmentally conscious consumers, it’s now easier than ever to purchase quality products that are also planet-friendly. The fear that these products are too expensive is no longer valid.  In addition to GoSun, companies from Natura & Co.’s NTCO The Body Shop (reusable bottles as an eco-friendly gift to fill up with products) and Patagonia Inc. (upcycling waste fabrics and old garments into new products) and Inc. AMZN (sustainable foodware items and eco-friendly electricals) are doing their part to provide price-competitive, eco-friendly products for consumers this holiday season.  

While many companies are hoping consumers will show their care for the environment through product purchases, smaller, innovative eco-friendly companies like GoSun are also looking for people who want to invest in sustainable companies. GoSun is growing and, like many entrepreneurial and innovative companies, is seeking additional capital to become a global player in cleantech. GoSun is raising capital through equity crowdfunding, which can be easily accessed by going to its branded StartEngine page

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