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Dogecoin And Bitcoin Become Real Stars Auctioned As NFTs

May 7, 2021 11:52 am
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Dogecoin And Bitcoin Become Real Stars Auctioned As NFTs

Two stars have been officially named after the cryptocurrencies Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) and Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), the certificates to which are being auctioned as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What Happened: NFT creator PastTheMoonAndNamed listed the tokens representing the Dogecoin and Bitcoin stars on the OpenSea auctioning platform with a starting price of 100 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) — equivalent to about $348,000 as of press time. 

"Forget all of the "virtual" make-believe NFT worlds…. Own the name and rights to the first, real-life, crypto named, NFT astronomical objects," acccording to the announcement.

The names are permanently filed in The Registry’s vault in Switzerland and recorded in a book that will be registered in the Copyright Office of the United States of America.

Included with the NFTs are a full-color parchment certificate with the star name and other data, a sky chart containing the star name, star date, the constellation and the location circled in red where the star is in the sky, a booklet on astronomy with additional charts and a letter.

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NFTs are different from normal tokens because there are unique. This feature — which can be defined as a lack of fungibility — makes those tokens the best choice when digitizing physical goods, as each token can be linked to a physical object even when released in series.

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