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EBO Launches Mobile App For Simple, Safe And Secure Crypto Storage

February 12, 2020 9:08 am
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EBO Launches Mobile App For Simple, Safe And Secure Crypto Storage

A 2019 report by the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky found that only 10% of people “get” crypto. The takeaway from the survey is clear. Despite years of tremendous and prolific growth, cryptocurrencies and their accompanying open finance ecosystem remain difficult-to-use and complicated for too many people. 

At the same time, there is a burgeoning demand for digital products, as currencies like Bitcoin and Ether have become household names and hundreds of other altcoins coalesce to create a comprehensive ecosystem of decentralized assets. 

Now, the open finance ecosystem, EBO, is offering simple, safe, and secure crypto storage that is a perfect fit for those who don’t “get” crypto but also for those who are well-versed in its efficacy. Available on the Apple App Store, the EBO Ethereum Crypto Wallet offers users unprecedented control of their digital assets while serving as a one-stop-shop for peoples’ crypto needs. 

In an ecosystem that is often too complicated or convoluted, the EBO Ethereum Crypto Wallet serves as a ready alternative, able to power a new era of finance that is open, accessible, and reliable. 

What Easy-To-Use Looks Like 

Powered by Ethereumn, EBO's mobile wallet is incredibly easy-to-use. For example, the platform doesn’t require user login or registration, and it equips users to complete trades directly from the wallet with just a single click. Available in all 206 countries, this 24/7 global access is a compelling alternative to the often-siloed services that defined the first crypto platforms. 

At the same time, users maintain full custody of their digital assets, and they avoid paying deposit or withdrawal fees, meaning that crypto users are more in control of their money, while maintaining access to the borderless, permissionless blockchain infrastructure that makes cryptocurrencies so attractive to so many people. 

In addition, the wallet comes with several advanced tools that can help crypto users effectively navigate the space. This includes an Ethereum full-featured Blockchain Explorer, Ethereum full-featured DEX, Ethereum Mobile wallet app and Ethereum Browser wallet app. EBO refers to these services as the first “Full Circle Open Finance Infrastructure,” a service that is at once uniquely capable and surprisingly easy-to-use. 

Simply put, the EBO Ethereum Crypto Wallet offers a smooth and attractive interface that is ideal for users seeking an alternative to existing wallet services. 

Why It Matters 

People turn to cryptocurrencies for many reasons. For one, they are an obvious expression of finance in the digital age. Meanwhile, they address many of the privacy and accessibility shortcomings that too often accompany more traditional financial institutions. 

Moreover, with billions of people still unbanked and others underwhelmed by current offerings, so-called open finance, the monetary systems established by the blockchain ecosystems, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after services this year. As Terrance Sullivan, founder of EBO, notes, “We believe that the world needs open finance now more than ever. EBO provides an open, accessible, and reliable solution that empowers end users to fully control their digital assets and explore a new world of peer to peer transactions.”

Blockchain projects like Consensys have already declared that 2020 will be the year of decentralized finance, and open finance solutions that are fitting for new and experienced users alike can make a meaningful impact in this regard. Digital assets will undoubtedly play an increasingly prominent role in our digital-first lives, and people need platforms that meet them where they are.

For experienced users, this means increasingly capable technology that can augment their own capabilities. For beginners, it means providing the accessibility necessary to get started without a hitch. Of course, everyone wants a simple, safe, and secure wallet for their assets, something that EBO’s new Ethereum Crypto Wallet certainly provides. 

Image Sourced from Pixabay

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