'I Hope They Burn In Hell,' Says Neighbor Of Pastor-Son Drug-Dealing Duo In House Of God & More In Weed Chronicles

Zinger Key Points
  • Baptist Pastor and his son face felony drug charges for running a drug-dealing operation out of North Carolina church.
  • Hong Kong police had its biggest haul this year seizing $82.9 million worth of cocaine and pot.
  • A Beverly Hills man has been formally accused of a $9 million fraud involving nonexistent hemp operation.

North Carolina Pastor And His Son Run Drug Dealing Operations Out Of Baptist Church 

The North Carolina police found a lot of weed and some magic mushrooms in South Side Baptist Church, which resulted in the arrest of the church pastor and his son.

What happened: Josh Price, 50, and Matthew Price, 28 are facing felony drug charges for running an illegal drug dealing operation out of a church reported USA Today. The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed seizing about 12 pounds of weed and 20 cannabis plants, close to 32 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 41 THC vape pens and some 2 pounds of THC wax.

“I really hope they burn in Hell,” one neighbor said as reported by the local outlet WBTV. “I’m a Christian; that is so so wrong. It’s wrong. It’s wrong anywhere but especially in God’s house.”

The Pastor told deputies that the church has been closed since the start of the pandemic, though former members claim the pastor closed it even before then.

Both pastor and his son are scheduled for a hearing on July 25.

Hong Kong’s Biggest Seizure This Year: $82.9M Of Cocaine & Pot In Frozen Fish 

Hong Kong police just had its biggest haul this year, when it seized HK$650 million ($82.9 million) worth of cocaine and pot, writes South China Morning Post.

What happened: After a three-day operation, the narcotics bureau confiscated 592kg of suspected cocaine and 91.2kg of suspected marijuana buds, arresting four men on suspicion of drug trafficking. 

“The cannabis flower buds seized this time were stored among frozen fish,” Chief Inspector Charm Yiu-kwong said during a press briefing. “We believe the drug cartel used this method … in an attempt to cover up the odor of marijuana with the frozen fish’s pungent smell.”

The police are looking into the possible connection with the recent case also involving cocaine seizure, in the amount of 227kg.

“Recently, the production of coca leaves in South American countries has continued to increase, resulting in a corresponding reduction in the cost of manufacturing cocaine,” The bureau’s senior superintendent Chan Kong-ming said. “The narcotics bureau has stepped up intelligence gathering on the risk of more cocaine flowing into Hong Kong due to the fallen prices.”

Beverly Hills Man Dupes Investors: $9 Million Hemp Scam Unveiled

A man from Beverly Hills, California has been formally accused of a $9 million fraud involving a nonexistent hemp operation, according to federal prosecutors.

What happened: Mark Roy Anderson, 68, who has a long history of prior convictions and was on supervised release after an 11-year prison sentence was indicted by a federal grand jury, writes Green Market Report. He is now accused of claiming ownership of a hemp farm in Kern County, and also affirming he had been manufacturing medical-grade CBD isolate and Delta 8.

“To maintain an image of trustworthiness,” Anderson told investors he “was not the ‘Mark Roy Anderson’ with multiple prior fraud convictions” and concealed his previous convictions. Previously he was serving a sentence over another investor fraud involving a falsely presented oil business.

In connection to the hemp fraud, Anderson was indicted with five charges of wire fraud ranging from $50,000 to $640,000. Prosecutors claim he used the invested money for personal spending like buying vintage vehicles or a residence in Ojai.

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Photo: Benzinga edit with images by Elsa Olofsson and Gregory Hayes on Unsplash


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