EXCLUSIVE: Unlocking World Peace? Rep. Nancy Mace's Bold Prediction On The Future Of International Cannabis Trade

Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina, discussed her views on cannabis legalization in the United States and its potential impact on the global scene in an exclusive interview. Mace has been an advocate for cannabis reform, introducing a bill that, in her words, "treats cannabis just like alcohol."

When asked about the implications of cannabis legalization in America for the global scene, Mace expressed her belief that eventually, imports and exports of cannabis would become a reality, much like the alcohol industry.

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Addressing the economic aspect of cannabis production and its potential impact on the environment, Mace acknowledged the challenges of growing cannabis in the United States in warehouses with artificial lighting and its large environmental footprint. However, she pointed out that trade has been beneficial in many other industries and would likely benefit the cannabis industry as well. Mace stated, "Trade is good, right? When countries have better trade or greater trade, no matter the product or device or whatever it is you're manufacturing or making or producing, the world is also safer."

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Mace emphasized that prosperous economies around the world lead to less conflict and that she doesn't see cannabis trade as detrimental to the U.S. or other countries. She believes it would ultimately be "good for everybody."

When asked if America will continue to produce the best cannabis in the world, Mace responded with a patriotic "Team USA." However, she acknowledged the value of competition in markets, both internationally and domestically. Mace noted that competition makes "all products better, cheaper, more for every consumer."

Rep. Nancy Mace's stance on cannabis legalization and trade highlights her belief in the power of free markets and the potential for cannabis to become a thriving global industry, benefiting both the United States and other countries around the world.

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