California: New Marijuana Bills To Be Assessed Next Week, Here's What They Are

California: New Marijuana Bills To Be Assessed Next Week, Here's What They Are

California's Assembly Appropriations Committee is considering bills to create the infrastructure to allow interstate marijuana commerce, prohibit localities from banning medical cannabis delivery services and impose new labeling requirements for cannabis products.

The bills are expected to be considered in an Assembly committee next week, reported Marijuana Moment. If the panel approves the bills passed by the Senate at that meeting, they will go to the Assembly. However, lawmakers are more likely to debate the proposals when they meet next week.

Marijuana Policy Measures That Would Be Considered Next Week

Sen. Scott Wiener (D), passed the bill SB 1186 which determine that the legislation would “prohibit a local jurisdiction from adopting or enforcing any regulation that prohibits the retail sale by delivery within the local jurisdiction of medicinal cannabis to medicinal cannabis patients or their primary caregivers by medicinal cannabis businesses.”

Although this legislation aims to promote patient access, it is expected to end the legal loophole that in some way benefits the illicit market. This is because more than half of the cities and counties in the state do not allow any type of cannabis licensee to operate in their area.

In May, state officials launched a resource that allows people to access an interactive map showing where marijuana businesses are allowed — and prevented from opening — across the state.

Recently, Scott Wiener's Safe Consumption Sites Bill returned to the Senate after being approved by the Assembly. The measure would authorize safe sites for the consumption of illicit drugs, through certain jurisdictions in California as part of a pilot program. In addition, it obtained the green light from the Public Safety Committee after advancing through the Health Committee.

Moreover, Sen. Anna Caballero (D) placed a bill SB 1326, that would set the stage to allow for interstate cannabis commerce from California to other legal states, as long as the federal government allows for it through legislation or a Justice Department waiver.

“The bill would prohibit an entity with a commercial cannabis license issued under the laws of another state from engaging in commercial cannabis activity within the boundaries of this state without a state license, or within a local jurisdiction without a license, permit, or other authorization issued by the local jurisdiction,” stated a legislative analysis.

Sen. Richard Pan (D), also passed the SB 1097 bill which would require the state Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) to “adopt regulations to require cannabis and cannabis product labels and inserts to include a clear and prominent warning regarding the risks that cannabis use may contribute to mental health problems, in addition to existing labeling requirements.”

The legislation would also require DCC to create and post public pamphlets with “prescribed information, including, among other things, the recommendation that new users start with lower doses and the dangers of purchasing illegally sold cannabis and cannabis products.”
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