CBD In Children: Poll Finds Over One-Third Of Parents Think Consuming CBD Is Same As Cannabis, What About FDA?

About 80% of parents confirmed they know little to nothing about CBD use in children, according to a recent poll by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health.

More precisely, around 46% admitted they don’t know much about it, while 34% never heard about CBD use in children. The poll surveyed a national sample of parents of children 3-18 years.

Just those few stats from the poll indicate how much educational support is needed to better comprehend this new industry. 

The poll also revealed that 17% are familiar with CBD use in children at some level, while only 3% said they know a lot.

Other Poll Highlights 

  • As many as 71% said they'd never used a CBD product themselves, 24% have tried it and 5% say they use CBD products regularly.
  • For parents the most important factors to take into account when determining whether to give their kids a CBD product are 1) side effects – 83%; 2) if it was tested for safety in children – 78%; 3) the efficiency in children – 72%; 4) child’s doctor recommendation – 63%; 5) the US Food and Drug Administration approval – 58% and 6) product review – 41%.
  • 73% of parents believe that CBD may be a viable alternative for children when other therapeutics aren’t efficient. 
  • One-third of parents (35%) consider consuming CBD is the same as consuming cannabis. 
  • The most common reasons parents would think about giving their children CBD products include: 1) anxiety - 51%; 2) sleep problems – 40%; 3) ADHD – 33%; 4) muscle aches – 20%; 5) autism – 19%, and 6) making their children feel better in general – 13%.
  • From 7% of parents who have already given or only thought about giving their child a CBD product, only one-third consulted about it with their child’s physician.
  • 3 in 4 parents agreed that CBD for children should require a doctor’s prescription.
  • Even though as many as 83% of parents say CBD products should be regulated by the FDA, only 58% confirm FDA approval would matter much for their decision on whether to give a CBD product to their child.

Parents Should Consult With Doctors 

Due to the lack of studies on CBD use in children, it is very difficult for physicians to recommend these products, said Sarah Clark, co-director of the poll, in a CTV News interview. Clark is also a research scientist in the department of pediatrics at the University of Michigan's Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation.

"It's not enough to just go on what the manufacturers claims are, we actually need to have some data behind that, and right now we just don't have enough," Clark said.

Assistant professor of neurology and pediatrics in the pediatric neurology division at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis and the St. Louis Children's Hospital, Dr. Jennifer Griffith agreed.

"I don't recommend CBD for any condition other than epilepsy because I know that CBD has real risks, and I don't have any evidence of proven benefit," Dr. Griffith told CTV News.

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Borba on Unsplash



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