Americans Are Choosing Marijuana Over Alcohol, Recent Poll Reveals This New Healthier Trend

Despite marijuana still being a Schedule I drug, while alcohol is legal for adults over 21, nearly one-third of over 10 000 Americans said they think it would be ideal if people used more marijuana and less liquor, a new poll suggests.

The results of the YouGov survey also showed that 20% of those questioned think that would be a bad idea, Marijuana Moment reported.

Most respondents (38 %) agreed that it would be neither good nor bad, while 15% were undecided.

The poll also found Democrats were more likely to say that switching to marijuana from alcohol would be good (34%), compared to 18% of Republicans and 27% Independents.

Moreover, 34% of those aged 30-44 said that substitution would be good, whereas only 17% of those over 65 held the same opinion.

Cannabis Tax Dollars Surpass Alcohol In Several States

Nevertheless, a stronger trend toward marijuana sales is evident in states where the plant is legal.

New data has revealed that Massachusetts brought in $74.2 million from marijuana taxes, compared to $51.3 million from alcohol in half of the fiscal year.

Illinois is another state where liquor sales brought in fewer tax dollars than marijuana. In 2021, recreational cannabis taxes exceeded alcohol taxes by nearly $100 million.

Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol

In the meantime, the endless debate over whether marijuana is safer and healthier than alcohol continues.

A study published in the journal Scientific Reports in 2015 suggests that marijuana is approximately 114 times less deadly than alcohol.

The study included seven drugs, with alcohol being the deadliest at an individual level, followed by heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, methamphetamines and lastly cannabis.

As experts and advocates have pointed out, liquor is strongly associated with negative long-term health issues, such as deadly alcohol poisoning.

The same cannot be said for cannabis, as there are no recorded deaths attributed solely to a marijuana overdose —by the federal government’s own admission.

Photo: Courtesy of fauxels from Pexels

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