Jade Nectar Soon To Release THCV-Rich Cannabis Seeds Free To Public Via California Dispensaries

Jade Nectar Soon To Release THCV-Rich Cannabis Seeds Free To Public Via California Dispensaries

Jade Nectar, a legacy cannabis wellness company, will soon release THCV-rich cannabis seeds to the public at no cost. The 'FREE THE V' seeds will be given away through California cannabis retail shops starting in early March.

Amid growing interest in THCV for both wellness and recreational use, THCV-rich cannabis genetics are nearly impossible to access due to proprietary claims.

"The universe created the cannabis plant and all of its compounds, so they belong to us all," said Jeff Nordahl, founder of Jade Nectar.

'FREE THE V' cannabis seeds currently produce between 6%-10% THCV in the finished and dried cannabis flowers. 'FREE THE V' was bred by Jade Nectar in a multi-year breeding project that utilized a number of landrace cannabis varieties sourced from around the world.

"Our goal was to selectively breed until we reached 5% or higher THCV in the majority of seeds, and then set the THCV free for the public to explore.  It's ready!" Nordahl continued.

As more people gain access to THCV, crowdsourcing the seeds will provide a broader understanding of how THCV can be used for wellness and recreation. Jade Nectar is developing an online platform where users can share their experiences and review data from others. 

Jade Nectar plans to apply this public domain crowdsource model to other rare cannabinoids, raw-acidic cannabinoids, as well as different formulations and methods of consuming cannabis.

"We can all participate in our understanding of this amazing plant" concluded Nordahl.


Photo: Courtesy of Jade Nectar

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