From High Fashion To High-End Weed Accessories: Mariam Saïd Launches Para, The Store Curated For Beginners

With cannabis e-commerce sales and home delivery up considerably since the start of the pandemic, it is clear that consumers are gradually embracing their cannabis use and honoring it as a ritual of wellbeing. With that, came an increase in demand for modern smokeware that is unique to the consumer and can be easily integrated into their home décor.

Stop, Unwind

Enter PARA, a newly launched, BIPOC, female-founded online shop specializing in aesthetic, premium paraphernalia for beginner cannabis consumers.

Partnering with numerous established designers from around the world, such as Laundry Day, House of Puff, Studio A-OK, Jaunt and My Bud Vase, Para has curated an unparalleled assortment of pipes, bongs, papers, trays, scents and much more.

“Perhaps it was the intimidating atmosphere of my corner bodega in NYC for rolling papers or the fact that I burned my hand every time I used my pipe, but I could not stop asking myself the simple questions of cannabis consumption: what is a good starter pipe? How do I roll a joint? Do I really need a grinder? What is kief?,” Mariam Saïd, founder of PARA told Benzinga. “After meticulous industry research, I concluded that the e-marketplace options for cannabis consumers were targeted at people who already knew what they were doing. There is nowhere for beginners to go, and the majority of the shops are filled with expensive, hard-to-understand smokewear. With Para, I wanted to be at the forefront of curating a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing shop that was affordable and had easy-to-use smokewear. Para is the perfect one-stop shop for all beginners!”

The Backstory

During the global shutdown in 2020, Saïd - along with a large portion of humanity - turned to cannabis for anxiety management. Intimidated by the current array of cannabis paraphernalia shops, Saïd decided to utilize her expertise from working in luxury fashion to propel a product category that she was personally passionate about.

Mariam Saïd has been operating in the luxury retail space for over a decade, spending the majority of her career as a Merchandise Buyer & Planner for Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren. Saïd's experience becomes evidently clear in the array of premium products she has curated for Para, a modern, eclectic and aesthetically pleasing line of products that double as stylish home décor.

“Every product sold on Para is thoughtfully and meticulously selected. We also look beyond business and focus on community. Para donates a portion of revenues to the 'Last Prisoner Project, utilizes only eco-friendly shipping methods, and continues to source from only ethical small businesses,” Saïd said. “I am thrilled to offer an array of exquisite cannabis products that help propel the new wave of cannabis consumption in a beautiful and accepting way.”

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