The Coolest Cannabis Gadgets To Grab This Holiday Season

The Coolest Cannabis Gadgets To Grab This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is always a busy time for consumers and brands alike. 

Holiday shopping looks strong across the board in 2021. Management firm McKinsey projects a 7% increase from the previous year, up 9% from 2019.

A 2020 report from cannabis data firm Headset found that cannabis shoppers appear more focused on the right product than the best deal. No matter the individual's approach, cannabis consumers turned out in droves in recent years, reporting a 15% week-over-week growth during Christmastime. For perspective, 4/20 sales increased weekly totals by close to 25%.

With consumers looking for the exact product, this writer asked operators and fans in the community which cannabis tech piqued their interest this year while offering a few suggestions of my own as well. Here are just a few of the great options on the table this season:

Chill Steel Pipes uses its namesake to provide you with a bong that keeps your pipe and its hits cooler for a more extended period. The pipe's interchangeable components allow you to customize your piece to your personality. Pick up a standard silver steel Chill for about $125.

Like the Chill, Heir has become a recent favorite of mine. This sleek bowl offers a reimagination of the spoon pipe using stainless steel, silicone and zirconia ceramic. The magnetic cap makes mobile consumption a breeze, a not-so-common feature for bowls or pipes. Heir is currently on sale for $100 during the holiday season.

The Petra from VapeXhale earned its fair share of praise in recent months for being one of the more efficient vapes on the market. The POC founded and CEO-led company received recognition for its convection-based heating. "I vape all my flower through this thing, and it never turns to popcorn or burned shit," said Brad Bogus VP of marketing and communications for Akerna Corp KERN. Grab your desktop rig for around $499, with an option to pay in four installments.

Omura Series X is another piece of vape tech picking up a good deal of buzz among the media and industry consumers. The latest Omura to hit the market is its second-gen model. It uses pre-packed paper tubes of CBD or THC they call flowersticks. You can also buy empty sticks to pack with your preferred flower. Fans told Benzinga that they enjoyed its innovative approach in a well-designed device.

The Neo is a non-toxic heating coil that heats bowls rather than torches, all without touching the flower. "I love my Neo because it packs all the convective vaping power of a Volcano into one pocket-sized device that makes nearly any bowl or bong into a vaporizer," said Mitchell Colbert, a cannabis journalist and Oaksterdam University lecturer. Get yours for around $199 with the option to pay in four installments.

Fans love PuffCo, and many dabbing enthusiasts have been raving about the Hot Knife, an electronically heated loading tool for concentrates. The very hot-to-the-touch device is billed as the end to dirty dabs and sticky residues--all the while making your oil hot in roughly three seconds. Grab a Hot Knife for $59.99 or four installments of $15.

Cultivators interested in growing without the usual legwork may want to check out Green Goddess Supply's Armoire. Billed as a complete bio-chamber, the 40-pound Armoire is a discreet in-home grow unit that offers harvests in as soon as 60 days. One of the more recent entries into the at-home grow tech space, The Armoire claims to produce impressive yields without high energy use. Find out for yourself for around $1595.

And remember that these are just a handful of the fantastic cannabis gadgets you could pick up this holiday season. Find the ones that suit you or your loved ones' preferences, then see if a deal is on the table. Even though cannabis consumers aren't as deal-hungry as other sectors, you are likely to find some discounts already going on or coming up once Thanksgiving passes.

Happy holidays!

Lead photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels.

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