Michigan-Based Marijuana Company Fluresh Launches New Brand With 'Heavy Terpene Profiles'

Michigan-Based Marijuana Company Fluresh Launches New Brand With 'Heavy Terpene Profiles'

Michigan-based cannabis company, Fluresh, announced on Wednesday that it is launching a new brand – Carbon by Fluresh.

Now available in pre-packed 1/8 oz jars of flower and three textures of live resin concentrates, Carbon by Fluresh brings high potency and original flavor. The new brand relies on high-touch propagation techniques to grow cultivars with heavy terpene profiles.

Suggested retail prices range from $50 - $60 for flower and $55 - $65 for concentrates.

"Carbon by Fluresh is grown, harvested and extracted with special care, and we combine established cultivation and extraction techniques with state-of-the-art grow facilities," Bob Schwartz, VP of cultivation stated. "Carbon by Fluresh respects the plant at every step of the process and we want to emphasize to consumers that there is more to quality cannabis than just THC. For example, our process allows us to focus on terpenes, which are a vital part of your experience, but often overlooked."

Each product in the Carbon by Fluresh portfolio displays the terpene content (total terpene percentages and top three terpenes) on its packaging to show how this critical yet often underrated element gives each cannabis strain its unique aroma, flavor and effects.

The brand will also be releasing three textures of concentrates made from fresh frozen flower: Live Sugar, Live Badder, Diamond & Sauce. Both product lines will be available in a variety of unique strains including Apple Tartz, Orange Creamsicle, and Rainbow Zlz.

Photo: Courtesy of Fluresh

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