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Greater Cannabis Provides New and Improved Options for Cannabinoid Technology Delivery Systems

March 4, 2021 12:14 pm
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Greater Cannabis Provides New and Improved Options for Cannabinoid Technology Delivery Systems

Cannabis has gone from flower to edibles, beverages, topicals, ingestibles and more. But some believe that little has changed in how cannabis is delivered. Patients, providers and consumers are showing a rising demand for safer routes of administration while achieving proper potency and higher bioavailability. 

As the industry continues to grow exponentially, predicted to surpass $32 billion by 2022, many ask, “What’s next?” One company may have an answer. 

Greater Cannabis or GCANRx (OTC:GCAN) is a biotechnology-pharmaceutical company located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. With innovative ideas backed by extensive research and data conducted by a well-seasoned team of experts, Greater Cannabis seeks to offer something different.

A New Method

On February 26, 2021, Greater Cannabis CEO Aitan Zacharin gave a presentation at Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference. 

In his presentation, Zacharin addressed areas where GCANRx feels that cannabis delivery systems are lacking and where the company hopes to provide improvements: inefficient absorption, inaccurate dosing and unhealthy side effects, some akin to smoking tobacco products. 

So how does Greater Cannabis propose to address these issues? With an absorbable CBD patch. The patch has multi-strip technology: A sealing upper layer prevents saliva from mixing with the other layers, which offers a timed release of the consumer’s choice, anywhere from 10 minutes to 6 hours. The wide range of timed releases is intended to address several different options for use. For pain management, for example, the longer release strips may achieve the most accurate desired result. 

Unlike vaping, smoking or ingesting, GCANRx’s absorbable strips are capable of administering an accurate standardized dose. But maybe the most appealing fact about these patches is that they are side-effect-free. Zacharin said that for best results, the strip should be placed inside the mouth, against the cheek. 

Tested and Proven 

The company’s drug delivery technology is capable of delivering a variety of compounds ranging from pharmaceuticals to vitamins. It was developed about 10 years ago by the company’s chief scientific advisor Dr. Hock Tan, who has over 20 years of experience working in pharmaceutical product development, specifically in drug delivery systems.  

In addition to Tan’s expertise, evidence of the patches’ accuracy is provided through data collected in three different studies with the National Institutes of Health, in conjunction with the Penn State School of Medicine. 

Another new endeavor for the company is its transdermal patch. A study was done in comparison with another patch currently on the market, and the results highly favored GCANRx’s option. This indicates higher permeability through the skin, no irritation or side effects and even a higher level of adhesion post showering. 

What’s Next?

So what’s next for a company that’s breaking barriers in the industry? While GCANRx is focused on the U.S. market, it has established partnerships with businesses that distribute overseas. 

Greater Cannabis has also been looking for therapeutic opportunities. Because the company offers different applications and methods of delivery, its technology has greatly appealed to several possible partners. 

GCANRx distributes for both medicinal and recreational markets. In addition to the newly released absorbable and transdermal patches, its products include vaginal rings, topicals and cosmetics. To learn more, visit https://www.gcanrx.com/.