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Sunderstorm Brings Kanha Edible Gummies To Colorado, Massachusetts, and Canada

October 22, 2020 10:41 am
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Cannabis manufacturer Sunderstorm Inc. has introduced Kanha edible gummies in Colorado and Massachusetts, as well as in Canada.

The Los Angeles-based CPG company confirmed Thursday it would team up with cannabis manufacturers in each market to reproduce the product formulations of Kanha gummies.

The company expects to receive all regulatory approvals to support production in Colorado in early 2021.

Sunderstorm is poised to set up new licensing and manufacturing partnerships to debut in other markets.

To establish itself in Massachusetts, Sunderstorm would team up with Northampton-based Pioneer Valley Extracts LLC, which is a holder of a few standalone manufacturing licenses in the state.

Meanwhile, Sunderstorm already inked a licensing deal with Nova Scotia-based Aqualitas. Under the agreement, the company is allowed to manufacture and distribute Kanha gummies across Canada through stores and by mail order.

The company — established in 2015 — is pawing its way to “expand our reach,” CEO Cameron Clarke disclosed. 

They are “excited” to enter the Colorado market, Clarke noted, adding that “Pioneer Valley Extracts and Aqualitas share our commitment to science-based product formulation and our adherence to exacting standards.”

Besides Kanha gummies, Sunderstorm is also the creator of nanomolecular sublingual brand NANO5.

Meantime, earlier this month, Colorado governor Jared Polis unconditionally pardoned those convicted of possessing one ounce or less of marijuana, Cannabis & Tech Today reports.

“We are finally cleaning up some of the inequities of the past by pardoning 2,732 convictions for Coloradans who simply had an ounce of marijuana or less,” Polis commented.

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