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CEO of Holistic Industries Discusses MSO's, Investing In Local Communities, Staying Private, And The Future Of The Cannabis Industry

October 12, 2020 12:57 pm
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CEO of Holistic Industries Discusses MSO's, Investing In Local Communities, Staying Private, And The Future Of The Cannabis Industry

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with THE cannabis movers and shakers from across the globe during Benzinga’s Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference on October 15. Among the attendees is Holistic Industries.
When it comes to brand philosophy, Holistic Industries’ root focus is on being the best place to work, shop and invest in cannabis. 
Holistic Industries is a national medical and consumer goods company, cultivation and extraction network, and a retail dispensary chain that provides a budding “Greenhouse of Brands.” The company’s brand list includes Liberty, Strane, Do Drops and the Jerry Garcia cannabis collection which is set to launch later this fall. 
Holistic Industries is a private, vertically-integrated multi-state operator and runs operations in California, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, and soon Missouri. 

The Beginning

Founder & CEO of Holistic Industries Josh Genderson started the company in 2011, bringing along his experience serving as President of his family-owned liquor store in Washington, D.C., Schneider’s of Capitol Hill.
Genderson took the knowledge he acquired from running his family’s business into the cannabis industry. His specific know-how centered around an understanding of the importance and effectiveness of good customer service, the ability to navigate new industries, and the significance of quality care.

Key Strategy For Expansion

Genderson will be joining the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference to discuss his company’s expansion and operations.
“We have spoken at, and attended, prior Benzinga conferences and events and have had a positive experience,” said Genderson. “It’s really important for us to be transparent with our industry stakeholders and let them know what we’re up to ‒ most recently, we raised $35 million in debt financing to fund expansion. We want to keep our investors up to date on how we’re using this newly raised capital and what business initiatives we have on the horizon.”
The CEO will be taking part in a fireside chat to discuss Holistic’s regional concentration strategy, which has allowed the company to expand while also investing heavily in the local communities in which they operate. 
“We have seen continued growth and dominance regionally, from opening new dispensaries to launching new brands because of the company’s focus on going deep in specific limited-license states and scaling responsibly,” said Genderson. 
Other topics he will be delving into are the company’s $35 million debt financing raise and how they’ll be using those funds, the CEO’s thoughts on the benefits of staying privately held vs. going public, and his insight/predictions on the future of the cannabis industry.
“Our focus on regional expansion and investments in local communities have proven time and again our ability to win licenses on merit, to finance and build out efficiently, and to operate profitably,” said Genderson. “Having a forward-thinking strategy while giving back to your employees and local communities is going to be what wins at the end of the day.”
To learn more about Holistic Industries, you can sign up for the Benzinga Cannabis Captial Conference by clicking here.

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash


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