Stanley Brothers Take Two: When First Swing Equals Grand Slam, What Arises With A Next At Bat?

As our nation gets prepared for its ‘new normal’, whatever that really means, consumers will likely be stretching their dollars as never before. Consumers will likely seek cost effective,  alternative methods for mind, body and spiritual relief, one of which could be CBD and the seemingly endless supply of products in which it is an ingredient. Stocks are thriving despite the pandemic and international protests, which provides a glimmer of greatly needed economic hope.

A recent research report by Data Bridge Market Research projects the CBD market to grow at the extraordinary rate of nearly 32% between 2020 and 2027. With near consensus on the benefits of whole plant medicine, it’s a good time to reconsider THC as a ‘health’ NOT a ‘high component’. After having spent some time with Joel Stanley in London at the Centre for Medical Cannabis in London during EuroCannabis week last year, I looked forward to following up after hearing rumors that the Stanley Brothers would be returning to their canna-roots with the launch of a new full-spectrum line of low-dose THC products under the brand name, ReCreate.

The new venture’s products target functional wellness with the objective of promoting “repeatability”: consistent results with each use, anytime, anyplace, a la a Starbucks latte which tastes the same no matter where sipped. The line is formulated with CBD, THC and botanicals. “Having started our journey in medical marijuana, the launch of ReCreate feels like a homecoming and is the culmination of everything we’ve learned from our early days in medical marijuana to Charlotte’s Web”, Jesse Stanley, ReCreate’s Co-Founder and CEO told me. The Stanley’s are committed to rigorous cannabinoid research and development to reimagine a next generation THC experience in the form of daily, low-dose consumables.

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For the few who are not familiar with the Stanley Brothers, or those who have been hiding under a rock the last few years, let’s hit a quick rewind. Their initial mission to serve the community through wellness came to fruition in 2009.  From their Colorado headquarters, they grew and sold medical marijuana for cancer and other patients. With the nascent industry predominantly THC focused, the Stanley Brothers focused on alternative research to leverage the potential health benefits of CBD and other cannabis compounds.

This process resulted in the discovery of optimal genetics of wild hemp that grew across America. At that time, with most consumers wanting a high THC strain, breeders focused in the psychoactive and more profitable arena. As THC and CBD are controlled by the same genetic code during development, the quest for ever more percentages of THC caused at first, substantial reductions in CBD and other cannabinoid components from the plant, followed by CBD being nearly bred out altogether.  Their genetic discoveries would later become the basis of Stanley Brothers hemp-based CBD products, named after a couragous girl, named Charlotte Figi who struggled and suffered with catastrophic epilepsy for years and tragically passed away earlier this year.

In 2013, the world was introduced to the journey of the Stanley Brother’s mission in a big way, when CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured the life-changing reduction in Charlotte’s seizures using a Stanley Brothers whole plant CBD tincture. This process ultimately forced a challenge to public perceptions, many of which were misguided or simply wrong. It also served as a catalyst to change laws, ignite further research, and accelerate the global CBD industry.

“Charlotte was the heartbeat of our passion; what began as her story, became the shared story of hundreds of thousands, and the inspiration for millions in a journey for  betterment,” says Stanley. With a business policy based on a foundation of care and compassion, the Brothers provided products to thousands of needy patients, many of whom were children, through their non-profit, Realm of Caring, which empowers individuals, medical professionals, and the community through research-based education on hemp, CBD, medical marijuana, and THC. 

As demand for their CBD-based tinctures expanded and production neared capacity, the Brothers turned their mission into a business; in 2014, Charlotte’s Web, as a company was born whose focus was to revolutionize how plants (hemp and its byproducts specifically) can provide relief. They created hemp-based wellness company, Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. CWBHF. With growing global demand, the Brothers made the decision that the fastest way to raise capital and scale their business was to file for a public offering which it completed in August of 2018 with total gross proceeds of C$115,115,000 (USD $87,598,872)”. Still active, the brothers doubled-down on plant exploration with access to resources for genetic data research and development.

Despite the entering of cannabis into the US culture mainstream the last few years, with dominoes of state legalization continuing to fall, daily cannabis use still can’t completely shake its long term historical stigma, often coming with skepticism and eye rolls. To address this, the Stanley Brothers developed a product promise to include consistency, quality and dosage efficacy.

The repeatable effects are established through meticulous operating procedures in compliance with state-to-state regulations and a distinct point of differentiation for ReCreate suggests Stanley, “Consistency leads to trust; trust leads to repeatability, and repeatability enables desired wellness levels. The rules are being rewritten and our culture is at the dawn of the new era of personalized therapies. We’ve been inspired to recreate the 1.0 version of cannabinoid treatments by looking at the plant as a whole”. Stanley added that  “Our family’s relationship with cannabis and plant research has been long-term; we’ve made mistakes on our journey and believe we have learned from them. ReCreate is an aggregated culmination of knowledge since our very humble beginnings. Its our name on the package transparently, so consumers can have a degree trust they may not have in other products.”

The evolution from CBD to THC reflects the Stanley Brother’s research allowing them to better understand the full-spectrum benefits and potential of the plant. With ReCreate, the brothers desired a daily wellness supplement.  In furtherance of their altruistic endeavors and desire to give back to their community, ReCreate will launch with a COVID-19 Relief program that provides $100,000 worth of wholesale products for those that have been financially impacted. “There’s no single way to deal with life’s uncertainties” says Stanley. “One person’s anxiety is not another’s. ReCreate by any means, is not a cure-all but, if we can make a small  difference, we’ll do so by helping those that can not afford needed therapies. The COVID Relief program is currently offered at select dispensaries in both Colorado and California.

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ReCreate addresses specific wellness needs with products such as Focus, Relax, Relief & Sleep as an every day tincture. Stanley told me that their core demographic is both the “awakened consumer”, educated in plant-based therapies and holistic health, and for novice consumers considering or reconsidering use. “Why botanicals?” I asked Stanley who said, “Cannabis is so complex; with over 500 distinct compounds, CBD and THC are just two, leaving one to wonder about the potential for the other 498 and the almost unending amount of combinations”.

Botanicals have been used since antiquity in Eastern cultures, especially in the Ayurvedic traditions of India which prioritize natural medicines. ReCreate infuses valerian root, turmeric, and others including Lions Mane, Chaga and Ashwagandha mushrooms (‘plant adaptogens,’ a select group of herbs and mushrooms that support the body's natural ability to deal with stress). Increasing consumer awareness for botanical therapies has made them a common sight on grocery store shelves. In dispensaries, products are crafted to harmonize optimal cannabinoid ratios to adapt to restore balance and provide healing properties.

The current product line is made up of two of my favorite things: chocolates and tinctures. Tinctures are available in 15 and 30 ML and THC dosage ranges from 2.5mg - 10mg with CBD /THC rations ranging from 10:1 to 2:1 THC.  Gummies and other products are anticipated to be released later in the year. After product testing hundreds of CBD and CBD/THC products this year alone, I came to the table with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised, first by the taste which was clean without the typical harsh bitterness and its pleasing liquid chocolate finish. Each of the products performed well, ranging from a slight body buzz for focus and creativity to  head-to-toe relaxation for stress, anxiety and sleep. “I believe we’ll see a shift from ‘what will this do TO me?’, to ‘what can this do FOR me? When you choose ReCreate, you’re choosing it for health, not high.” Kudos to the Stanley Brothers for a killer second act.

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