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Watch: The Trailer Of The Upcoming Movie '4/20'

April 16, 2020 4:30 pm
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Watch: The Trailer Of The Upcoming Movie '4/20'

Over the last few years, 4/20 has started to feel like a real, traditional holiday.

Seeking to make a movie people could watch "every year on April 20, but that was smarter and had more heart than a typical stoner comedy," Bold Soul Studios came up with a "4/20."

"We thought about Love, Actually and the Garry Marshall movies and loved the idea of multiple, intersecting storylines," producer Corey Moss explained. "Of course, we didn’t have that kind of budget, so we crossed it with a Clerks vibe and set it in and around a dispensary, and it just came alive with our amazing cast.”

Similar to other holiday ensembles like “Valentine’s Day” and “Mother’s Day,” “4/20” takes place entirely on one day (April 20), and follows multiple storylines relating to marijuana. Cannabis influencer Koala Puffs, who makes her feature debut, stars along with Audrey Whitby, Natasha Hall and KC Clyde.

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“Our movie, '4/20,' is all about how cannabis brings people from all different walks of life together, so it’s fitting to release it to the world at a time when we are already experiencing that sort of unity. Our one-day-only release is meant to be a celebration and we are excited to work with Vimeo, where we can set the price at $4.20 for anyone with the code ‘holiday.’ Our brilliant cast and crew had a blast making this heartfelt ensemble comedy and we are excited for audiences to get a bit of escapism, especially on a holiday," Moss said.

See the trailer below.


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