Amsterdam-Based Dutch Passion Announces High-THC Auto Strain, Unfortunately Timed Italy Venture

Amsterdam-Based Dutch Passion Announces High-THC Auto Strain, Unfortunately Timed Italy Venture

Dutch Passion, an Amsterdam-based cannabis seeds producer, announced two major breakthroughs in the last few weeks.

Most recently, the company shared lab results showing its autoflowering Cinderella Jack seeds can produce more than 25% THC, boasting some of the highest levels among autoflowering strains available globally.

“It is amazing to see where our breeding led us,” Jouke Piepenbrink, chief marketing officer at Dutch Passion told Benzinga. He acknowledged even his team was surprised with the results.

“Since the buds have been tested at various labs, we can be safe to say that this variety is now the strongest autoflower on the market. This is a huge breakthrough because Auto Cinderella Jack is regarded as simpler and faster to cultivate than many feminized photoperiod strains, yet delivers superior results.”

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A few weeks before this announcement, Dutch Passion announced it was disembarking in the Italian market with a line of “cannabis light” products: high-CBD, no-THC marijuana.

“After selling our seeds to Italian distributors, shops and home growers for over 15 years we were thrilled when CBD flowers became a legal product in Italy,” Piepenbrink said. “We have been developing genetics especially for this project together with the geneticists of Pharma Puglia, who have a long tradition of growing various types of plants in the deep south of Italy. We could add our cannabis knowledge to their deep understanding of large scale horticulture which resulted in an end product we are very proud of.”

Image courtesy of the company.

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