New Cannabis Products: Kiva's Camino CBN Line, Solaris x Cannabis & Culture's Line And A Topical Cream

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

Kiva’s Camino Midnight Blueberry

Kiva Confections announced the introduction of CBN into its line, through the launch of Camino Midnight Blueberry (“Sleep”) gummies, which offer a unique combination of THC with CBN, relaxing terpenes, along with chamomile and lavender oils to promote better sleep.

Camino Midnight Blueberry (“Sleep”) contains 5MG of THC and 1 MG of CBN. Kiva has also launched additional Camino flavors Freshly Squeezed (“Recover”) and Wild Cherry (“Excite”). Freshly Squeezed includes a blend of 1MG THC and 9MG CBD, along with calming terpenes and the ingredients ginseng and milk thistle. Wild Cherry contains a blend of sativa terpenes with notes of tart cherry. All Camino gummies will be available for $18 at California dispensaries, and are now available in portable tins.

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“CBN has potential to be the next big cannabinoid on the market, and Kiva is excited to bring this star ingredient to the forefront. Created with THC, CBN, restful terpenes, and chamomile and lavender oils, Camino Midnight Blueberry aims to bring tranquility and rest to those who need it most," said Christie Strong, Marketing Communications Manager at Kiva Confections.

Solaris Farms x Culture & Cannabis

Solaris Farms created branded products with Las Vegas media and event company, Culture & Cannabis. Previously, Solaris just sold bulk flower to dispensaries.

The Culture & Cannabis x Solaris Farms line will include three different-sized products: pre-rolls, half ounces, and ounces. They will be promoted at events and will include QR codes on the packaging where consumers can win prizes like concert and event tickets.

Michael Sassano, CEO of Solaris, told Benzinga, "The merger of the Culture and Cannabis media group with Solaris Farms hybrid greenhouse technology is creating the future of how the cultivation of cannabis and media can further expand the industry. With over $100,000 in sales the first week of launch, it’s clear that Culture and Cannabis’s reach means business! Through their various media outlets like podcasts, blogs, events, social media, and even billboards, the combination is sweeping the Las Vegas market by storm and enhancing Solaris Farm's reputation for innovation of products."

Cannaphyll’s Topical Cream

Cannaphyll launched a new line of high-potency, rapid-response, hemp-infused topical products for whole body wellness. With 1,000mg of premium hemp extract per 1 ounce, Cannaphyll is more potent that other hemp-infused topical creams to improve uptake and delivery. A strong anti-inflammatory compound, hemp effectively helps a wide range of conditions.

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Jude Bond, CEO of Cannaphyll, told Benzinga, “We are only beginning to scratch the surface of what hemp-derived topicals are capable of. Hemp contains over 113 known cannabinoids, each of which acts uniquely on the endocannabinoid system, which regulates the body's immune, endocrine, and nervous systems. Its powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have shown therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of conditions as varied as staph, arthritis, neuropathy, and seizures. Hemp-derived products are the biggest revolution in the OTC health and wellness industry in decades, and we are excited to provide consumers with Cannaphyll, a rapid-response, high-potency topical cream they can rely on for consistency and quality.”

Images courtesy of respective companies.

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