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A Knockout Cannabis Brand Looks To Appeal To Finer Tastes

A Knockout Cannabis Brand Looks To Appeal To Finer Tastes

Mike Tyson—yes, that Mike Tyson—is punching his way through the competition once again. This time it’s with his own “connoisseur level product” for cannabis consumers.

If you’ve ever paid even the slightest attention to the boxing world or sat down to watch comedy classic “The Hangover,” you’ll know Tyson as the long-time, undisputed world heavyweight champion who still holds the record as the youngest person to have ever won a heavyweight title.

Now, Tyson is vying for a new championship-level distinction in his line of premium cannabis products. Tyson Ranch is aiming to draw in customers with its 100% bug & pest-free crops from seed to sale.

The company’s product lineup currently includes (indoor-grown) flower and extracts, with a line of edibles planned for release in the near future. All of that wrapped in luxury matte black and gold foil design motifs reminiscent of the nicer part of Las Vegas.

Only time will tell whether Tyson has hit the jackpot. However, Tyson Ranch does add a level of name recognition to the diversity of consumer brands that continue to blossom across North America.

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