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Willow Industries Launches First Non-Extraction Cannabis Remediation Facility In US

Willow Industries Launches First Non-Extraction Cannabis Remediation Facility In US

Willow Industries, a company focused on cannabis decontamination, said Monday that it has opened the first non-extraction based cannabis remediation plant in the U.S. in Watsonville, California.

The WillowPure Processing Center will provide a cannabis cleaning process for any licensed growers in California to eliminate any type of mold and bacteria, the company said. The plant began operating Oct. 7, the company said. 

"We built the first cannabis remediation facility in California to support growers who are committed to addressing contamination issues in the industry," Willow Industries founder and CEO Jill Ellsworth said in a statement. 

"This facility will not only preserve the profits of more cultivators but also ensure safer products for consumers."

Willow's Process Mitigates Aspergillus 

The facility provides a solution for growers who have compromised crops, as well as a preventive step in the harvesting process, according to Willow Industries. 

California inspects for various serious microbial contaminants in cannabis, including strains of aspergillus, a pathogen that survives combustion and can give users with weak immune systems critical infections.

Aspergillus strains account for for the majority of pathogen batch failures. Willow Industries said its process effectively mitigates aspergillus and guarantees consumers safe use.

The cannabis decontamination is achieved via the use of an ozone-based cleaning process that preserves the medicinal benefits while significantly decreasing the number of microbials.

Strong Agronomy To Operate Facility 

"High-value central processing services are industry standard in the traditional food and agriculture supply chain. Willow's central processing services provide a critical health and safety solution for the rapidly evolving cannabis industry," Ephraim Lindenbaum, a Willow board member and managing director of Advance Ventures, said in a statement. 

Willow developed its facility in conjunction with Strong Agronomy, a cultivator and manufacturer that will manage daily operations and ensure quality standards, according to the company. 

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