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New Cannabis Products: Wax Capsules, CBD Beverages, Sexual Wellness Line And Odor Eliminator

New Cannabis Products: Wax Capsules, CBD Beverages, Sexual Wellness Line And Odor Eliminator

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

Oshihana’s Sexual Wellness Line

Oshihana launched its cannabis skin care line, devoted to sexual wellness and recovery. Using certified organic ingredients like carrot seed oil, jojoba oil and calendula, the brand is dedicated to creating effective, soothing cannabis products designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy through self-care and exploration. All of Oshihana’s products contain cannabinoids that increase blood flow and activate the central nervous system which can speed arousal and increase capacity for pleasure.

“Historically, the sexual wellness industry has been plagued with antiquated views, shame, and misinformation. We are here to change that. We believe that sex, sexuality, play, connection, family, community, touch, and joy are among the things that deserve truly thoughtful attention,” Oshihana co-founder Lindsay Wynn told Benzinga. “Our goal is that the conversations we have, the imagery we create, and the products that we make might help you discover something exciting about yourself. We believe that everyone should Have Better Sex.”

The WaxNax

WaxNax, a Denver-based ancillary cannabis brand, announced the official launch of the company and corresponding line of vaporization products and technologies.

The company released its line of pre-filled inserts and slim packaging, allowing consumers to carry product anywhere they go without leaking, while eliminating the need to bring tools and q-tips. The product seeks to enhance the consumer experience by providing precision dose control, ease of use, robust taste, and reduced contamination.

WaxNax inserts provide a protective layer around the concentrate to ensure proper vaporization temperature for maximum terpene preservation, while also reducing the need to constantly clean your device. WaxNax empty packaging is currently sold in 13 locations across Colorado and Washington, as well as on their website.

“WaxNax was designed to expedite and improve the current concentrate experience," Lex Kaplan, CEO, and founder of WaxNax, told Benzinga. "Before WaxNax dabbing processes were inconsistent and messy. We knew it was pivotal to introduce a solution that addressed the convenience of dabbing. But we also had a responsibility to ensure that it results in no wasted product and that the dosage would be consistent every single time. After two years of research and development, we’ve come up with a solution that addresses all of the principal pain points of dabbing, while introducing a solution that isn’t intimidating for new consumers and gives users additional options within the limited concentrate market.”

Kill Cliff’s New Flavors

Kill Cliff launched two new flavors to meet the growing demand for CBD. Joining Orange Kush in the Kill Cliff CBD lineup will be Mango Tango and The G.O.A.T. (Grape-est Of All Time), both yielding 25mg of CBD derived from broad-spectrum hemp. 

Kill Cliff CBD is available for purchase online in cases of 12 for $69.00. Kill Cliff CBD also provides the added benefit of B vitamins and electrolytes.

Veil’s Odor Eliminator

Veil, purveyors of a room spray for the modern cannabis smoker, released a new 2oz travel bottle (Mini OG; $9.99), which is pocket sized and TSA-friendly.

Non-toxic and scented with organic essential oils, Veil combines the latest science with thoughtful fragrance to eliminate (not simply mask) the smell of cannabis smoke. Notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar work in perfect harmony.

Images from the respective companies.


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