Grow With Jane: An App For The Home Cannabis Grower

Grow With Jane is a platform designed for home cannabis growers. Their first product, launched in 2017, is a growth diary app that allows users to document and follow up on every stage of the plant’s development.

CEO and co-founder Nicolás Botti launched the company in 2015 with three childhood friends who were looking to leverage their experience in different fields that include programming, operations, consulting, software development and design.

The group saw an opportunity to bring a technological solution to the process of growing cannabis at home, which at the time was being documented by users through archaic methods like pen-and-paper and spreadsheets.

In 2019, the company was picked up by the cannabis-focused start-up accelerator Canopy Boulder, which marked a turning point in the platform’s history and allowed the start-up to gain visibility and momentum.

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Linking Growers, Brands

Grow With Jane is establishing itself as a connection between home growers and the companies selling growing equipment, supplies and seeds. 

“Today, brands that sell soil, fertilizers, seeds, lights and growing equipment have no connection with growers. They merely stock up on merchandise and wait for people to buy it. But you need to know your customers in order to sell. Well, we know the customersthe CEO told Benzinga in an interview. 

The platform works by gathering user-generated data that suppliers can use to improve their products and better understand their business, he said. 

“Data is useful as long as it’s interpreted the right way. For instance, if everyone using your fertilizer changed to another brand, then something is wrong with your product.”

Botti said he sees great value in being able to share this information with companies in the growing industry.

Fundraising, Social Media On Horizon 

The company works under a subscription-based model in which users pay for the app’s services. In the long-term, Grow With Jane is expecting a B2B model to support all operations, allowing customers to use the app for free.

At the moment, the app has over 30,000 active users, 40% of whom are in the U.S.

Spain, Chile, Argentina and Rusia account for large chunks of the customer base as well. 

All of these users have so far generated over 400.000 high-quality pictures of their own cannabis plants in different growth stages, as well as other types of content.

This has led to the company’s second product, which Grow With Jane said will be available soon.

The product will pour this content into a social media-style platform for cannabis growers where users can share their own achievements, get feedback and help less experienced users learn about the plant.

With initial investments from Canopy Boulder and three private investors, the company has raised over $175,000 in its seed round, which is ongoing and is expected to close at $300,000.

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