Canadian CBD Usage

The use of CBD-only products gained momentum in Canada over the past year; last month, CBD oil was used in 9% of medical cannabis consumer sessions tracked by Strainprint, up from 4% in September 2018.

  • Females most frequently use CBD-oil products, particularly among the 35-44 age group; conversely, males aged 45+ reported consuming CBD far more frequently than younger men.
  • Notably, CBD is used for many reasons, with no one purpose dominating: Applications vary from inflammation (8.5%) to anxiety (7.1%) or depression (4.4%).
  • Broad perception of CBD as a wellness enhancer portends well for the future of CBD products in Canada, especially in the advent of its Cannabis 2.0 rollout.
  • The product landscape will grow significantly as consumers increasingly embrace wide-ranging products, including formulations with higher THC concentrations in the CBD:THC ratio (e.g., 10:1 or 1:1) and full-spectrum blends (oils containing terpenes and cannabinoids including CBD/CBN/CBG).
  • As the market for general CBD wellness grows more competitive and less differentiated, brands will increasingly focus on specific health and wellness for targeting carefully segmented consumer groups.

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