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SpeedWeed Tries To Address Common Issues With New E-Commerce Platform


Cannabis delivery service company SpeedWeed announced Wednesday the launch of a new service called SpeedWeed D2C, which will provide consumers with an option to order cannabis directly from their preferred brand.

The idea behind the new service is to address the issues consumers often face such as going to a dispensary to see that your target product is sold out, and the big price gap between legal and illegal cannabis.

SpeedWeed D2C brands can add e-commerce service to their own website, the company said, explaining that orders are transferred to SpeedWeed’s professional logistics engine.

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"There's a huge price difference between the legal and the not-so-legal markets," SpeedWeed's CEO AJ Gentile said. "By streamlining the supply chain, SpeedWeed D2C brands can finally price their products competitively. Many consumers want to buy legal, but simply can't afford to do so. Now they can.”

Gentile added that the services advances customers interaction with the brands, allowing direct and safe transaction.

“They pay lower retail costs and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. This is also great for brands who can provide better customer service and receive instant feedback. Why risk sending a customer to retailer where they're exposed to competing brands? Your customer sought out your brand for a reason. Let's keep them in your ecosystem,” Gentile said.

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