CBD Scorecard: Center For Food Safety Says Only 4 Companies Rate An 'A'

The Center for Food Safety, a non-profit public interest group, is taking a firm stance in bringing transparency to the rapidly growing CBD industry. The non-profit recently issued a CBD Scorecard appraising 40 national CBD brands and their practices.

The survey only awarded 4 brands an “A” ranking. These companies are:

  • RE Botanicals
  • Palmetto Harmony
  • Green Gorilla
  • Fountain of Health CBD

Of the 40 brands reviewed, 28 were graded a C or lower, including many major players in the space. Scores were determined by a survey conducted by the Center for Food Safety, taking into account hemp farming practices and organic certification; method of hemp processing; third party testing for toxic ingredients like glyphosate or heavy metals; and transparency of the above information with consumers.

“We hope our colleagues in the industry will see this as a wake-up call to improve their practices, for the sake of our industry, the health of CBD consumers and the good of the planet,” said RE Botanicals founder and CEO John Roulac.

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Other interesting results include:

  • The fact that only 6 companies make primarily USDA certified organic products.
  • Only 2 companies certify that they free of glyphosate, a pesticide classified as a probable carcinogen.
  • 72% percent of companies say that they support regenerative farming practices.
  • 65% of companies share their lab results online.

See the full report card below:

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