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Meet GEN!US, The New, Beautiful Cannabis Brand Focused On Creativity

August 22, 2019 9:01 am
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Meet GEN!US, The New, Beautiful Cannabis Brand Focused On Creativity

GEN!US, a new cannabis brand that seeks to help unlock the creative potential of its consumers, is launching Thursday. The debut lineup features top-shelf flower, pre-rolled joints, and vape pens and cartridges, containing diverse levels of THC and CBD.

“GEN!US is curated intentionally to aid the thinking process, open neural pathways and break down mental barriers for today’s modern cannabis connoisseur,” according to a press release.

A GEN!US spokesperson says the brand was created for creative people, crafted by a group of microbiologists, chemists, engineers and cannabis veterans who partnered up with their favorite cannabis growers.

The company owns assets in cultivation, manufacturing and extraction, as well as a boutique dispensary in Los Angeles, California, set to open its doors next month.

“GEN!US is not a title, but an untapped destination within us that is waiting to be unleashed,” 25-year-old CEO Chris Clifford said.

Clifford started his first company at age 17. This latest venture is all about creativity and the “flow state.”

“Cannabis has fueled some of the world's most gifted innovators and artists in their creations. They inspire us to create cannabis on their level," he said.

Seeking to appeal to this creative demographic, GEN!US got Maggie West, Daniel Forero and Justin Jerrod to photograph its products. In addition, musicians including Cypress Hill and Janet Jackson'drummer Lil John Roberts have been posting the images on their Instragram pages.

Images courtesy of GEN!US.


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