Benzinga CEO Chats About The Cannabis Media Space On Green Rush Podcast

April 5, 2019 12:20 pm
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For cannabis investors navigating the quickly developing markets, the overwhelming extent of news can be difficult to consume. Certain media companies, like KCSA, have begun to take initiative to provide live updates, exclusive commentary from leading executives and a one-stop location for virtual cannabis stories.

KCSA’s podcast, The Green Rush, is released every Thursday and recently featured cannabis pioneers like Jane West, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Jeanne Sullivan.

Following the Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami back in January, The Green Rush hosts Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe sat down with Benzinga CEO and Founder Jason Raznick to discuss the digital age of journalism and how media companies like Benzinga plan to cover the volatility of cannabis.

Listen to the podcast here, or continue reading for highlights.

Starting A Media Brand

In a time of heavy reliance on technology and digital media, creating an online-based financial news hub was no easy feat.

“I started it because I saw a problem that was in the marketplace,” said Raznick, who founded Benzinga in 2010. “There are a million media companies that serve a ton of different purposes, but there is no one out there giving small cap news in an agnostic and unbiased way.”

During the podcast, Raznick goes on to explain the differences between Benzinga and larger media companies like Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and Reuters. “This carved out a niche for us,” Raznick added.

The Cannabis Focus

After honing in on a primarily small-cap and fintech-related focus in the early years of Benzinga, the company began its dive into cannabis with the company's inaugural cannabis conference back in 2014. According to Raznick, this migration was both very deliberate and very successful.

“There is a lot of noise out there. We try to get rid of the noise and give just the important stuff and with that, we can go into different verticals,” Raznick said. “The way we see our business, is that we’re a connector of investors to companies, companies to investors, people to products, so with cannabis, just like crypto, it’s a natural extension of our business.”

Learn more here about the next leg of the Cannabis Capital Conference on April 17-18 in Toronto.

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