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Bernanke Addresses Michigan's Ford School on Monetary Policy

Bernanke Addresses Michigan's Ford School on Monetary Policy
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Note: Earlier Bernanke comments can be found here.

  • Update: Bernanke Says Fed Has Dual Mandate, Stable Inflation and Full Employment, Employment Mandate 'Motivates and Justifies' Aggressive Monetary Policy
  • Update: Bernanke Says Risk of Inflation From Policy Exists, Will Monitor Closely to Maintain Price Stability
  • Update: Bernanke Says Fed Has Increased Supervisory and Regulatory Procedures Since Crisis, Something That 'We Need to Pay Careful Attention to'
  • Update: Bernanke Says Raising Rates Early to Force Fiscal Policy Risks Hurting Economy, Jeopardizing Recovery
  • Update: Bernanke Says Crisis Was Worse Than Anticipated, Uses History to Construct Policy; One Lesson of the Great Depression is That Policy Was Not Eased Enough, Did Not Stabilize Banks
  • Update: Bernanke Says Unorthodox Approaches Are Needed in Times of Severe Crisis, Such Policies Worked to Stabilize Global Financial System
  • Update: Bernanke Says Global Growth Has Been Slower For a Variety of Reasons, Mainly European Recession, Emerging Market Weakness, Engineered Slowdown in China
  • Update: Bernanke Says Each Country Has to Address Own Set of Issues; Says Europe is Working to Resolve Debt Issues, Improving Fiscal Arrangements, Develop Banking Union to Strengthen Banking System
  • Update: Bernanke Says He is 'Kept Up at Night' by Economy, Labor Market, Fiscal Situation but Thinks 'Things Are Moving in the Right Direction'
  • Update: Bernanke Says He is Cautiously Optimistic For the Next Few Years
  • Update: Bernanke Says Does Not Support Trillion Dollar Coin, Congress Should Act Appropriately to Correct Fiscal Situation
  • Update: Bernanke Says Debt Ceiling Has Symbolic Value but No Place in the Modern Economy, U.S. is One of a Handful of Countries That Has a Debt Ceiling
  • Update: Bernanke Says Would Be Positive to Get Rid of Debt Ceiling but Does Not See This as Likely
  • Update: Bernanke Says Asset Bubbles are Difficult to Anticipate, Can Address Them by Increasing Regulations, Supervisions on Banks; Says Making the System Stronger Will Allow System to Withstand Adverse Shocks
  • Update: Bernanke Says Fed Policy Can Create Asset Bubbles, Fed is Closely Monitoring These Risks
  • Update: Bernanke Says Below Target Inflation Suggests More Needs to Be Done, Zero Interest Rate Policy Means Burden Falls on Non-Standard Policies, Need to Weigh Risks and Benefits of These When Choosing Appropriate Policy
  • Update: Bernanke Says One Area that Has Not Been Addressed are GSE's, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Need to Be Reformed, Settled
  • Update: Bernanke Says Fed Has Existed for a Century Without a Supreme Court Case, Fed Performs Delegated Duties, Threat to Limit or Audit the Fed is Muted
  • Update: Bernanke Says Federal Reserve Act Exempts Audits From Monetary Policy Decisions, Bills to Audit the Fed Would Create Government Oversight of Policy Decisions, Jeopardizing Independence of Fed

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