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What US Pending Home Sales And This Move Have In Common


US Pending Home Sales are reported approximately 28 days after the month ends. The report comes out monthly from the National Association of Realtors, and measures the change in the number of houses under contract to be sold (not including new construction).

It is released approximately a week after existing home sales.

Contracts are signed several weeks before a home is considered closed -- this report is forward-looking. It is a leading indicator of economic health, as a home sold can trigger more expenditures throughout the economy.

This week on Wednesday, December 31, the next report comes out at 10:00 AM. During news releases, premium is often inflated, which can provide trading opportunities for Nadex spreads.

An Iron Condor strategy on the EUR/USD with a minimum profit potential of $30 is one potential idea. What's an Iron Condor? It's a trading strategy that's perfect for range bound trading when little movement or no particular direction is anticipated.

Here's how it works: You'd sell an upper spread and buy a lower spread, with the floor from your upper sold spread being the same as the ceiling of your lower bought spread. The trader can then enter both sides at the same time and can hold until expiration. The closer to center or middle of the spreads the market is when the spreads expire, the greater the profit.

Below is the list of dates the monthly report was released during 2014.

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