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Futures Made Simple & Without The Scary Bite!


Have you ever wanted to trade futures?

When you started learning about it and checking into it, you found it was so complex that you were scared away. There seemed to be so much to learn and comprehend that you gave up. You might have decided that it wasn’t for you.

Maybe you were not scared away by all the technicalities, but maybe the financial side of it was more than you could digest.

There is a chance that when you looked into investing your money, you were astounded at the margin or at the very least, the risk of the leverage for your account size! “This isn’t for me,” you told yourself. “It must take lots of money to make money!”

And you gave up, probably either leaving your savings in your savings account, or finding another method of investing that didn’t require as much cash up front with so much risk.

When you discover Nadex, you will quickly see how easy it is to trade futures. On Nadex Spreads, everything moves in an increment of one. It may be 1, .1, .01, .001 or even .0001, but it’s all relatable to the simple number “1”. Most of the Forex contracts tick size is .0001 with the four Japanese Yen (JPY) pairs having the tick size of 0.01.

The indices and commodities have varying increments but all tick with some increment of “1” on Nadex Spreads.  All of this could be very confusing to a new futures trader but when trading the futures markets with Nadex spreads, it becomes clear what tick size and values are, so even the newest of traders can quickly get down the details.

To help more, the contract specifications are shown in the free Apex Spread Scanner. In the images below, you will see the tick size as well as the name of the instrument.


Also, because the fees are capped on Nadex, you can trade many contracts and not have to worry about high fees. Remember, too, that you can exit a trade any time before expiration when trading on Nadex.

To learn more about how to use the Apex Spread Scanner, how to trade Nadex Spreads and how to trade binary options in-depth and for binary options signals, trading strategies, tools and trade rooms, you can go to

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