This Pre-IPO Offering Could Be The Opportunity Of A Lifetime - First Mover In The Functional Beverage Market

The non-alcoholic and functional beverage market has already been growing steadily since early 2020, but recent studies show that this market is expected to explode over the next few years, reaching $1.6 trillion by 2026.

Gen Z is drinking 20% less alcohol than millennials did at the same age and an even greater number of consumers across all age groups are becoming more health-conscious and are turning away from drinks that are high in sugar.

The Company

This shift in the beverage market is creating a new opportunity for innovators, and The 3rd BEVCO is leading the charge with its non-alcoholic and functional beverages for the health-conscious sipper.

3rd BEVCO has the major advantage of being the first to market in this expanding beverage category, which history has proven is the key to being established as the leader in the space. 

Red Bull was introduced to the U.S. in 1997 and has dominated the energy drink market ever since. Similarly, 5-Hour Energy launched the first shot-sized energy drink in 2004 and still captures nearly 90% of the market share, generating an estimated $300 million in annual profit.

Now, 3rd BEVCO is using this same model to blaze a new trail within the fast-growing non-alcoholic and functional beverage markets.

The team has over 25 years of industry experience and has already established key relationships, such as its distribution deal with Take Cool River Beverages through its active network of over 35,000 retail locations.

Find out how to invest in The 3rd BEVCO for just $1 per share

The Opportunity

3rd BEVCO has launched a Regulation A+ offering, often referred to as a mini-IPO, to allow anyone to invest in this fast-growing startup at just $1 per share with a minimum investment of only $500.

Early investors can also get rewards, credits and discounts through the company’s FOUNDERS REWARDS PROGRAM.

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The Drinks

While there is no shortage of non-alcoholic sugar-free drinks on the market, 3rd BEVCO has created four truly unique, first-to-market brands that have tested off the charts.

ProsecGo: A non-alcoholic drink that offers the taste and feeling of drinking champagne without the nasty headache and hangover the next morning.

LAID: A first-of-its-kind energy drink that not only increases focus and delivers clean energy but also enhances sexual performance.

CHILL’D: The first-ever CBD-infused energy shot offering the hype of caffeine with the relaxing effects of CBD.

PSILLI: A revolutionary sparkling water infused with medicinal mushrooms and proprietary formulations that were created by world-class scientists.

For more information about the company and to invest in its offering, visit The 3rd BEVCO website. 

Image: Courtesy of The 3rd BEVCO

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