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A Prediction Of Epic Proportions: Stock Market Crash Coming


Until recently, I have not used the term "stock market crash". I do not take using this term lightly. It brings with it major repercussions. I am now breaking out this phrase because of the current state of the stock market. This stock market crash will occur within the next 6 months from today, October 24th, 2013. The markets will fall within a combined day/few days a total of at least 20%. Bookmark this article.

Poor earnings continue to hammer individual names in almost all regions of the stock market. The U.S government continues to bicker over the debt ceiling and spending. The global picture is showing another real estate bubble in China and Europe is still an absolute mess, contrary to what the big players are saying to the public. All these negatives have meant nothing as the Federal Reserve continues to and will continue to print tens of billions of Dollars a month, inflating the stock market. Recently, word has now come out that the Federal Reserve feels like they have the power to print unlimited amounts of money. In other words, 'whatever it takes' to bring the dual mandate in line. A reckoning day will happen and for the first time in years I am seeing the epic signals clearly. I call this technical signal the Devil Tail Formation. It is something I have not seen in the charts since 2007.

The likely scenario would be for it to happen in 2014 but there is a small chance it happens prior. The house of cards will unfortunately fall as the biggest bubble ever created crumbles. Let's be clear about bubbles. They are all Federal Reserve induced. Every one in the history of the stock market has been a manipulation technique headed by the biggest bankers in the world. My other prediction for the future will be that at some point years out, there will be talk of bringing federal charges against the top Federal Reserve officials as the people demand it. I have said my piece. Have a wonderful and happy evening! 

Gareth Soloway

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