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Oracle Business Update Call


Highlights of the Conference call:

Gives overview of Oracle Database 12c. Oracle Corporation says “invented new technology that we call Oracle Multitenant. Database 12c we have 500 new features. Key thing we were trying to do with Oracle Multitenant was to build a virtual, database virtualization technology that let's you view both hardware consolidation like virtual machines that you do and reduce the total number of databases you need as well which attacks the operational cost problem. Key trick we have in Oracle 12c Multitenant we can consolidate and reduce the number of the actual databases to manage. Lot of people are looking at ingesting data using a Hadoop HDFS file system.Multitenant is an application or capability that we think is very mainstream, it's needed by the high end customers for the most mission critical databases as needed by all the customers for even their less critical databases because they want to do consolidation to lower the cost of ownership of running their databases."

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