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Buy-to-Let Investors are Buying Up UK Solar Leases and Earning 8% to 12% ROI

Buy-to-Let Investors are Buying Up UK Solar Leases and Earning 8% to 12% ROI

Being one of the safest investment vehicles in the UK the Buy to Let property market has always attracted the low risk investor, but is it low risk for low returns.


With UK property growth at low 1.1% [Nationwide] together with fewer incentives from the lenders it may be that the emerging Solar Leases Investment is what the buy to let investor’s been waiting for.


For those considering investing in that over promising and under delivering buy to let properties, here are a few of the costs you may not have calculated in to your ROI.


Finding the tenant, Agents fee’s are a staggering 10% of the annual rent, the agent also wont guarantee that the tenant will provide 100% occupancy so allow at least 1 to 3 months vacant occupancy per year then the annual maintenance costs, subtract another 5%, letting and management costs another 3%.


Selling on isn’t as simple as you may think, with fewer and fewer buyers together with reluctant lenders,added legal fee’s and professional fees that bottom line ROI becomes less and less attractive when you consider your precious time invested dealing with tenants, builders and not forgetting our favourite, the estate, is it time to forget.. the buy to let.


The good news for the buy to let landlord is that the sun is shining on the UK Solar market and has been for years with governments legislated Feed in Tariff scheme, becoming a micro energy provider could be the property landlord’s answer.


Pension and Investment firms have been capitalising on the scheme since 2010 using the Free Solar lease, basically renting a roof and installing your PV Solar system on someone elses roof guarantees an income for 25 years, the investor is the landlord of the roof space and the suns the tenant, offering 100% occupancy & guaranteed income, income thats linked to RPI so its inflation proof too.


The lease is registered at HMRC Land Registry it’s a registered UK property completely owned by you, the lease is protected the same as any other UK registered property and all of the incomes or rents derived are paid direct to you, these low risk yields are steady 8-10% pa, without any agents fee’s tenancy issues or builders cost to deduct. Opus Solar has previously installed & registered systems across the country and offer a completely hands off UK property investment, managed, maintained & insured by Opus Solar, you can purchase an installed and proven income producing property for just £8’000 and benefit within weeks the direct quarterly payment from utilities companies like EON.


Sounds too good to be true, here’s the catch, your already paying, there is a levy on all our energy bills that pays into the scheme so we the consumer are paying the rent through our energy bills, so maybe its time to be the landlord, to the sun.


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