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The Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Are Modern Day Robber Barrons.

The Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Are Modern Day Robber Barrons.

As the Banks in Cyprus opened for the first time in two weeks on March 28, 2013, a woman customer screamed, “They Stole our Money”.

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Mr. Jeroen Dijseelbloem and his cohorts, who are engineering this bank robbery of Cyprus bank accounts, are no better than common criminals. They all should be arrested and charged with bank robbery and sent to prison for the rest of his lives and their money confiscated and distributed to the poor.

Now Mr. Dijseelbloem, the head of the EUROZONE made this incredible statement. “A levy on the wealth is defendable in principle”.  Don’t you love the way this modern day “Robber Barron” uses his slick and sick words. Here’s what Mr. Dijseelboem is really saying:

“The successful nation states can no longer take money from their treasuries to support the unsuccessful nation states and their banks. However, if we stop supporting, they would go back to using their old currencies and that would then cause the European Community and Euro to fail. That would then show us up for the real idiots that we are and of course we can’t let that happen”.

But Mr. Dijseelbloem has found a solution. He and the EU Parliment will just steal money from people’s accounts and use that money to bail out the failed nation states and their banks and simply make an argument that it’s “defendable”.  To force Cyprus to steal customer funds, he intends to blackmail the Government with the threat of pulling the central bank liquidity plug, which would crash the country and their banks and force them out of the Euro zone. They will then fold like a cheap suit”.

This is exactly what Mr. Dijseelbloem and his criminal gang are saying and doing. Now for him to state that taking money from customer accounts to pay for the debts of others is “defendable” is like a bank robber saying the following at his criminal trial after getting caught for bank robbery. 

“Your honor, my name is Mr. Debit and I am in debt and can’t pay my bills, therefore, I took Mr. Dijseelbloem’s advice and simply robbed the bank just like they did, so I can pay my bills.  According to Mr. Dijseelbloem, that is a "defendable" action to take when they cannot pay their bills, so I ask the court to find me not guilty of bank robbery based upon the new Dijseelbloem doctrine ”.

Now what do you think the Judge would tell Mr. Debit? Well if he is as twisted in his thinking as Mr. Dijseelbloem and the EU, he would say “not guilty”. However, more likely the Judge would apply the law and say guilty as charged then order that Mr. Debit, to repay what he stole with interest, sentence him to 10 years in jail and order him to receive psychiatric treatment while in prison. That is exactly what Mr. Dijseelbloem and his criminal gang should get.

Mr. Dijseelbloem also made this unbelievable statement, “the lack of market contagion surrounding Cyprus showed that private investors could now be hit to pay for bad banking debts”.

Think about what the head of the Eurozone is saying here. What does he mean by "lack of contagion"?  That is bank speak for people not reacting too negatively and rioting about the bank robbery in Cyprus.  Is this guy just totally nuts or is he working at it. If he thinks that the EU’s Organized crime families can just steal depositor’s money without a huge negative backlash, then they are in self-delusion and living in a fantasy world.

Let’s look at a recently poll taken in Germany, which has the strongest economy and banks in the EU. According to a recent Stern poll, 54 percent of Germans are now concerned about their bank deposits, and only 41 percent believe Angela Merkel's guarantee that their holdings are safe.  This is a dramatic shift from just a couple weeks ago before the Cyprus Bank heist. So Mr. Dijseelbloem, please get the needle out of your arm, stop taking drugs and get psychiatric help.

Here’s the reality Mr. Dijseelbloem, the criminal actions by yourself and the EU and your twisted criminal thinking that you are justified in stealing depositor’s funds, is having a huge negative effect on people’s perception of the safety of their money and the legitimacy of Western Governments. Even communist Governments haven’t tried this kind of bank heist in recent years and you would have to go back to Nazi Germany and Eastern Europe under Stalin to find another example of Government mass confiscation of people’s assets. The state of Texas is now demanding that the one billion dollars in Gold that the FED is holding for them in New York, be sent to Texas. They no longer have confidence in the paper certificates and they cite the events in Cyprus for their action.

I am not sure the EU's destructive decision can ever be corrected, it’s like the Genie is out of the bottle and how can you un-ring a bell, you can’t. The damage has been done and people will start doing what they think they need to do to protect their money. They will start taking money out of their EU bank accounts and will start putting it in non EU Bank accounts. I predict that Switzerland, Denmark, the UK, the US and other non EU Banks will see a huge increase in deposits coming from EU Banks.

People will vote with their money and they will vote down this kind of criminality sponsored by the EU Parliament, the IMF and the EU Central Bank. This could cause a run on the EU Banks in the near future and if people can’t find a non EU Bank, they will, if necessary just bury their money in their back yard or basement, where at least they know where it is and won’t wake one morning and find the banks closed banks, currency controls in place and their money confiscated.

Bank Buzz is recommending that its readers get their money out of their EU Bank accounts, while they still can, and bury it in your back yard or stow it away somewhere, if you can’t find a banking alternative. The EU Banks are getting ready to implode due to the fact that they huge debts, an economy at depression levels are being run by criminal gangs and at this point they can’t be saved for very much longer

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