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Technology is pushing the boundaries of finance markets further every day. With all the noise, Benzinga took the time to digest every reputable online Brokerage and the advantages or disadvantages of each.

Every investor has different goals for their portfolio’s future. Use our tool below to find which broker suits your needs best.

Investment Style
Tradable Securities
What's most important?
Broker Best For Commissions Account Minimum Choose your platform
  • Traders with little capital who would be under the $25,000 pattern day trader rule
  • Traders who are experienced and seeking trading leverage
  • Those with a hunger for advanced charting capabilities
  • International investors
$4.95 min per trade $500
Get started securely through SureTrader's website
1 Minute Review

SureTrader is a Bahamas-based broker/dealer regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas.The draw for traders is the ability to sidestep the United States SEC pattern day trader (PDT) rules. Because of this, SureTrader continues to rake in traders who are below the $25,000 PDT level, so those with small amounts can trade as much as they want. While SureTrader seems to have troubles with customer service and several platform glitches, it still seems to depend on each individual trader as to whether these “bugs” are actually bothersome or not.

  • No pattern day trading rules.
  • Low brokerage account minimum deposit of $500
  • Powerful trading tools: allows Instant access to multiple charting features and real-time market data
  • Up to $50 in free trades for new accounts
  • Inactivity fee of $50 for accounts with less than 15 trades per quarter
  • $25 per day margin or equity call fee
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$100K Pro Free Demo

  • Offers free services
  • No minimum balance
  • Great technology
Free Some instances you may be required to pay transfer fees of fund fees $0
Get started securely through WiseBanyan's website
1 Minute Review

WiseBayan is touted as the first FREE financial advisor. Their two main goals as a company are to minimize fees as much as possible and maximize your money's earning power through compound returns.

  • Free Service as a Financial Advisor
  • Device support for all users
  • Some features require a purchase
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None at this time

  • Advanced users
  • Saving on taxes
  • Complex financial planning
0.30% annual fee $50,000
Get started securely through Vanguard's website
1 Minute Review

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services combines the best of high-touch and high-tech to help you with your real-life investing needs.

  • Dynamic Educational tools
  • Thorough Research Reports
  • Large savings for bigger accounts
  • Not suited for active traders
  • Higher Fees
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  • Beginners
  • Retirees
  • Students
$6.95 $2,500
Get started securely through Scottrade's website
1 Minute Review

Scottrade, which has been acquired by TD Ameritrade, is in the process of being integrated into the latter’s network. For now, Scottrade stands out for its breadth of presence (500+ branches), and product and service offerings, which come at a fee that is cheaper than, or if not comparable with the other discount brokers. On the technology front, the firm is fairly competent, with multiple platforms and tools, while its research offerings are rich, appealing to both beginners as well as advanced traders.

  • Large branch networks
  • Diverse asset classes
  • Zero balance facility for retirement accounts
  • Limited third-party research
  • Uncertainty surrounding integration with TD Ameritrade
  • Expensive relative to robo-advisors
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None at this time

Get started securely through Lightspeed Trading's website
1 Minute Review

Current Promotion

  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Tax Loss Harvesting Features
  • Diversification of Investments
Free First $10k managed 0.25% annually for $10k+ $2,000
Get started securely through SigFig's website
1 Minute Review

  • Free annually for first 10k managed
  • Free current portfolio review
  • Superior technology
  • Limited investment platforms available
  • Reports of broken syncing with brokers
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None at this time