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What Online Money Making Websites Don't Want You to Know About Blogging


One thing I don't like about all those online money making websites is how they make every legitimate online earning method sound like a walk in the park. I don't see the need to make online money making sound so easy.  If anything, it just raises the expectations of people about to start. It's like preparing someone to travel on a road full of bumps by telling them that it's going to be a smooth ride.

As you can see this approach might push more people on the path, but it will also result in more failures because of high expectations. It's not that I am suggesting you to scare them away, but letting them in on the pitfalls will help them get better prepared for the challenges ahead. So, if you are about to start blogging, you should be ready to face the following drawbacks (if you've already started, you'll be familiar to many of them, but I'd love if you can add some more to this list via comments).

No quick rewards:

Doesn't matter if you're getting into blogging for money, recognition, or fame, nothing's going to come anytime soon. As a general rule, you should expect a drill of at least 5 – 6 months before you get to see any sizeable rewards. And that's only if you're doing everything right, and you've got a little bit of luck on your side. That's half a year of some real hard work, patience, and persistence, before you'll even start to see some gains.

Big money? Easier said than done:

Don't get duped in by those blogging secret sharing programs and experts promising six figure income. In most cases, blogging will bring in good enough money to keep you motivated, but rarely does it get to the point of replacing your full time job or profession as a career (except when you've got a whole bunch of blogs with multiple source of earning and a team to assist). It's true that some people manage to earn big but they are the minority, just a selected few out of hundreds and thousands of bloggers out there. And the income of less than 1% bloggers cannot be considered the average income. When you're preparing for a project, it's better to keep the worst case scenarios in mind instead of getting delusioned by the experience of lucky few.

Good content alone isn't going to cut it:

In the early days of Internet, websites having good quality content or services could rely on the word-of-mouth type of marketing methods, because people don't have many choices, but in today's overly saturated cyber world, you cannot make your blog stand out from the crowd unless you've got some solid Internet Marketing skills, and it includes the basics of SEO, link building, and social networking. To start with, you've got to stick with the theme or targeted set of keywords while choosing the topics to write on. At times you will have to think of a more general topic to compliment some specific keywords (e.g. money saving topics for the keywords like 1and1 coupons or Network Solutions discounts). Second, you've got to work on link building, and last but not the least, you've got to spend some time in social networking.

Requires lots of reading, writing and proofreading:

Whoever told you that a couple of posts going live every week, will be more than enough, was wrong, especially when you've already made the mistake of choosing a highly competitive theme. When it comes to unique and good quality content, it is always “the more the better”. Note that I am talking about good quality, unique content, which means absolutely no use of third rate techniques like auto blogging or mindless rewriting. While it's true that you don't need to posses extra ordinary writing skills for blogging, but still, you need to have a good command over English writing. Even if you've hired the services of some writers, you'll have to go through these posts and proofread before you can publish them on your blog.

About the author:

Arba Hana is an avid blogger and Internet Marketer. Apart from her fondness for blogging, she manages a coupon code website that features different types of discount deals and promo codes like 1and1 or Network Solutions. You can avail these discounts at 1and1 coupon codes and network solutions coupon.

The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.

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