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Dendreon Update (DNDN): Oops


Back on 3/30 I wrote the following:

The question is this: Do you have the right to force society in general to pay for four more months of life for you, if you have not saved the money yourself and are stricken with the disease?

This is part and parcel of what I've been talking about in this regard. We can technologically write checks with medical care that we cannot cash as a society. These treatments, along with many others, do not change outcomes. They provide an incremental life extension at extraordinary cost.

We don't have the money and as we continue to develop more and more treatments like this the problem becomes more and more acute. We cannot afford to buy every 70 year old man a quadruple bypass, nor to pay $100,000 for every prostate cancer sufferer to obtain four more months of life. The money simply does not exist.

Apparently this question has hit Dendreon square in the face. The company missed estimates, pulled guidance, and their stock basically....

Read the full analysis here.

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