Chipotle CEO On Keeping Workers Motivated

Casual fast food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. CMG stood out as a winner in the restaurant battles over the past few months, but there remain many challenges ahead.

On Thursday, Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol spoke to Bloomberg Businessweek's Carol Massar to share his thoughts on some difficult topics.

Mandatory Vaccine: Chipotle employees won't be required to get a coronavirus vaccine in order to work, Niccol said. The company will however do whatever is possible to ensure employees have access to a vaccine but everyone's personal health and wellness decisions are their own to make.

Keeping Everyone Motivated: Chipotle's core purpose of cultivating a better world through food with integrity remains the guiding force in all company decisions, he explained. This working philosophy instills a great sense of pride among its workers, even before the pandemic when the company was known to offer very generous work benefits.

"We are trying to surround our people with all the right things," Niccol said. "And those have been even more important in these challenging times."

Speaking To 90,000 Workers: Niccol prides himself on constantly reaching out and communicating with all 90,000 workers. The more information that is passed down to workers, the more confident everyone is that the company is making the right decisions.

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