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Obama Publicly Ignores Troy Davis, Even in Death


ATLANTA, Sept. 30, 2011, 2 p.m. - Some people are surprised that our news article about Obama trying to save Troy Davis was flatly denied by the White House. I was not. People forget, it took two anonymous sources from an off-the-record meeting for us to uncover a story that nearly every journalist had been after.

Here is the story behind Obama's denial, how we beat those journalists and the scrutiny that being first can bring.

The fact is, I had been railing against the president for not having done anything about Davis, in a widely read column and all over my radio show and on other radio shows.

Then on Monday, I was shocked that a source, during an accidental misdial on the smart phone, told me what Obama's White House had really done behind the scenes. I quickly got off the phone and called another source to confirm the story. I then let the White House know that I was publishing the story via email. I have never, to this day, heard a word back from the White House.

A day after filing the report, the media struggled to try to get the story without giving our news Web site credit.

During that period of reporting, to cover its tracks about the off-the-record meeting with black broadcasters, the White House issued a staunch denial. The White House said that it was a local issue. That White House denial came alongside a willing reporter who said that our report was "100 percent wrong." That's funny, this reporter was not our source and admits that she could not get the story herself. She also admitted that Obama did in fact talk about the death penalty.

What made things even murkier, my source called me back on Tuesday and told me that the press was trying to "spin" the story as the nation's first black president was only willing to come to the aide of a black men. This was going to be worthy of another approval-rating-crashing "Beer Summit", which the White House did not want. We quickly added a line that said Obama never called, although the article never even indicated that president himself called anybody about Davis. Adding the line never meant, and still does not mean, that we are retracting anything. Adding the line simply means that the president told his people in the White House to look into it.

The fact is, without our report, no one would have ever known just how much attention the president was paying attention to the Davis case.

Oddly to some, in its effort to discredit me, the White House actually made it clear to its supporters that Obama did nothing at all to help a very popular Davis. The claim rubs many the wrong way, when placed in contrast to the president putting his neck out there internationally for Libya, and an illegal immigrant on death row and locally for his friend Henry Louis Gates.

Again, all of this was no surprise to me. I was never under the impression that the White House would admit that it did anything to try to save Davis. After all, Obama had made no public statement about Davis' case.

Why publish the story? Because it is the truth. Touting the truth and taking the lead on this story is something I will never ever regret and would do again. Sometimes the truth does not always fit the monologue on my show - that Obama did nothing as the world watched in horror. Because the truth does not always fit the White House spin or an attempt to appease some of our sick white brothers, who would only resent our president more for trying to help a black and presumably innocent man.

The strange thing about all of this is, once again, Davis, who will be buried tomorrow, is very possibly a victim. He is possibly a victim of the true killer's silence. He is also a victim of Obama's political silence. Davis will never know what the president, or Obama's staffers, tried to do behind closed White House doors to save him but at least the American people have an idea.

The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.

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