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The Key To Building Strength, Overcoming Adversity: 'Don't Be Your Own Speed Bump'

The Key To Building Strength, Overcoming Adversity: 'Don't Be Your Own Speed Bump'

“The hardest thing I had to deal with is people doubting me, and how I got over it was always proving people wrong.”

Father, husband, designer, mentor and speaker Ryan Hudson-Peralta spoke with Benzinga about his mission to empower people to overcome obstacles.

Born Different

Peralta was born with shortened legs and no arms, a medical condition called congenital limb deficiency.

“On the day I was born, the doctors didn’t let my parents have me right away, because they thought they would want to give me up,” he said. 

Though fulfilling, life for Peralta has had its ups and downs.

“If anybody was born in a similar situation, then they know they have to work harder at everything,” he said in a discussion about overcoming doubt.

Working With Disabilities

Despite having excellent phone interviews with prospective employers, Peralta said he was often rejected on-site due to his disability.

“I’d have the best job interview over the phone, but when I get there, I may as well have been showing up without a head.”

He began his own freelance business prior to joining the workforce as a civilian in the U.S. Army and then Quicken Loans, Inc. as a designer. In total, Peralta has designed more than 450 websites for clients nationwide and served as a creative director for two Detroit-based magazines.

“I made a lot of money in freelance, but my kids were getting older and I felt like I was missing parts of their life because even though I was working from home, I was still working all the time.”

Focus To Overcome Obstacles

“It’s taken me my entire life to be able to train my brain not to focus on the negatives. It’s all about practice. People don’t just go to the gym and lift 100-pound weights. They have to build up, train themselves to get to that point. It’s the same with your mind. You don’t want to focus on anything negative.”

Alongside his work at Quicken, Peralta is extremely active as a motivational speaker and mentor.

“I started mentoring families and it’s been amazing,” he said.

Being able to travel and mentor families has been an important part of Peralta’s life. He’s in close contact with two Michigan families, helping them realize how special their children are and the possibilities that lie ahead.

“I think everybody faces adversity, but not everybody realizes that somebody else is already dealing with it. Somebody already dealt with it. Somebody already overcame it. Me being able to share my stories of dealing with things in the workplace, being a father, a husband. Like we are all so similar, and I don’t think we realize it.”

Conquering Fear, Emotion

Doubt is a common issue people encounter, Hudson-Peralta said. 

“110% self-doubt. People that have arms, legs — literally everything — they still doubt themselves,” he said. “It’s just like when people are asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?' A kid will tell you something and then they get older and [say], ‘I can’t do that.’”

Individuals must frame their mindset in a manner that is non-constraining, he said. 

“I have a trademark: ‘don’t be your own speed bump,’ because the only thing in life that’s going to truly slow you down is you.”

“I know people that quit working at grocery stores and now they’re making films. Like these are people that I’ve just met, or heard my story on social media,” he said in a call for people to leverage their natural talent in executing their dreams.

Continuing To Inspire

In addition to writing "Look Mom No Hands," a book for children, Peralta co-developed an arcade-style sports betting app, "Best Bet."

“I have friends that were hooked on sports betting. I made this app for virtual sports betting. You earn coins in the app for free, and you can bet,” he said. “You get that adrenaline rush by betting on a game, but you’re not losing any hard-earned money.”

Peralta said he aims to continue traveling and motivating people, sharing his messages of anti-doubt and self-reliance.

To contact or learn more about Ryan Hudson-Peralta, visit Or visit his YouTube and Instagram


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