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Will Chris Christie Run For President?


There was an exclusive report in the New York Post this morning that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had changed his mind about running for President of the United States.

Despite the Republicans best efforts, it does not seem like Christie is going to run in 2012.

According to a "source" familiar with Christie's thinking, the decision could come as soon as Monday. Apparently, his line of thinking changed after speaking at the Reagan Library earlier this week. He received more prodding from former First Lady Nancy Reagan, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and former President George W. Bush, sources said.

“It's more than just flattering,” a source close to Christie said, regarding the continued clamoring for a Christie '12 run. One woman at the event, even said, “We need you. Your country needs you to run for president.”

With all of the public attention that Christie has received for a potential run for President, it does not appear that he is going to run, nor should he. He has made it abundantly clear that he will not run for President this year, but would consider a 2016 run. Christie knows that a 2012 run would be seen as half-baked, especially considering the fact that deadlines for the key primary ballots are just a few weeks away.

The prodding by key Republican party members is not going to sway his thinking. The thinking is that if Rick Perry, or Mitt Romney were to win the presidency in 2012, that Christie would not run until 2012, as no party will run a primary against an incumbent in the next election. It is undermining, so the Republicans feel that they should go with their best shot now, even if he is not ready.

“A Christie candidacy may not be a lock on the White House, but his positive effect down-ballot would almost guarantee a GOP House and Senate,” a Republican Party insider said.

Christie has been true to his word since he became Governor of New Jersey, and there is no reason to think that he would go back on his word now. Who are you more likely to trust? A source familiar with Christie's thinking, or one of his advisers, Mike Duhaime. Just a few weeks ago, Duhaime had to put our the fires again, as rumors surface that Christie would run for President from a Bloomberg columnist tweet. "It's completely untrue -- one hundred percent that is not true,” “Nothing's changed. I'm not sure who [Alter's] source is or what they are saying, but nothing's changed."

Republicans are frustrated with the current administration, but a Christie 2012 run would not be the best course of action. It is either Romney or Perry backing, or four more years of Obama.

You can not have your cake and eat it too, at least in 2012.

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