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Michele Bachmann Kicks Off Presidential Tour With a Big, Fat Lie


What is it with Republican presidential candidates and scandals?

Newt Blingrich can't decide how many hundreds of thousands of dollars he owed Tiffany's. Mitt Romney can't decide what he was for before he was against it. Tim Pawlenty isn't sure if the scientific evidence is enough to prove that the world is getting warmer. Rick Santorum begs you not to google his last name. Sarah Palin can see Mars from her pickup truck.

And now we have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is running for president on the "government spending is bad" platform, despite, you know, personally benefiting from government spending (including the earmarks she rails against) and then lying about it. Good lord.

In case you missed it, Bachmann's entire candidacy is based on the support of Tea Party people, primarily those who are long on rhetoric and short on actual governing philosophy. To that end, Bachmann is the perfect candidate: she says whatever meanders past the tumbleweed in her mind, regardless of how blatantly false it is.

In school teacher terms, she is at George Bush's reading level with Paul Ryan's bad math scores. If the GOP could get her to quit halfway through, she'd officially be the 2012 Sarah Palin.

Take Bachmann's stance on earmarks and government pork. She is, of course, against earmarks and government spending. Yet she personally benefited from from earmarks and government spending. You can't make this stuff up!

Take a look at her record and finances. The counseling clinic run by her husband received nearly $30,000 from Minnesota and the federal government in the last five years. Does that count as socialized medicine, which she is against?

Or take her family farm in Wisconsin, where she is listed as a partner. That farm received about $260,000 in federal subsidies. In Bachmann's financial disclosure forms, she reported receiving a minimum total of $32,503 to $105,000 in income from the farm, between 2006 and 2009.

Does it not count as pork spending because it went to her and her family, as opposed to anyone else? Does anyone else care that she is a flaming, raging hypocrite?

While Michele Bachmann is probably not the dumbest person to run for President, she almost certainly is in the top ten. Lying about where your money comes from, in an age where anyone is a journalist and everything is available online, is pretty dumb.

Michele Bachmann: I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.


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