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Anthony Weiner Should Resign


Yesterday, I wrote an article outlining Weiner's press conference and semi-defending him. The feeding frenzy that the media creates in situations like these is borderline disgusting. Weiner's sins were not so egregious that he should be hung up in the proverbial public square. The man has been thoroughly humiliated and his political career is likely ruined. He was very stupid, but most people would not hold up to the kind of public scrutiny that the media puts politicians through when they smell blood. That is fine - to a degree. The intrusions into people's private lives, however, and the accompanying voyeuristic glee that these kinds of stories generate is somewhat twisted.

That being said, Weiner really should resign, not because of the picture he sent or the inappropriate "online relationships" that he had, but because his lies were egregious and unacceptable from a person holding office. In particular, the cool, calm, and nonchalant way in which he lied is kind of scary, although coming from a politician, not all that surprising. In particular, Weiner's lies in this interview with Wolf Blitzer should cost him his job. I realize that he was embarrassed and was hoping that "Weinergate" would go away, but once again he has proven that it is rarely the initial error that does the real damage, but rather the lies and cover-up that follows.

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