General en ZPMC, Vodafone, China Mobile and Huawei Jointly Release 5G Smart Port White Paper <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <p>ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – At the 2019 Globe Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF 2019), <b>Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC), Vodafone, China Mobile and Huawei</b> jointly released 5G Smart Port White Paper. This white paper provides a deep interpretation of 5G use cases in building an automation and intelligent port, aiming to accelerate application research and project commercialization.</p> <p>As the hub of modern transportation, ports play an important role in promoting international trade. According to relevant statistics, about 90% of global trade relies on maritime transportation. Efficiency is the lynchpin of the port industry. Traditional ports rely on human resources to operate container cranes under harsh working environments, with heavy labor intensity and insufficient personnel. As a result, the rapid development of global sea transportation cannot be met as required. Port automation and intelligent reconstruction have become the industry&#39;s overarching goals</p> <p>With 5G gearing up, thanks to its low latency, large bandwidth and high reliability, 5G will provide a new communication solution for port equipment, and inject new impetus into smart port reconstruction. Based on experience ...</p><p><a href= alt=ZPMC, Vodafone, China Mobile and Huawei Jointly Release 5G Smart Port White Paper>Full story available on</a></p> Press Releases General Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 23:31:09 +0000 Globe Newswire 14641321 at Global 6500 Aircraft Shines in Las Vegas as it Makes Worldwide Debut at NBAA-BACE 2019 <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <ul type="disc"> <li><strong>The <em>Global 6500</em> aircraft showcased for the first time on static display at the National Business Aviation Convention &amp; Exhibition (NBAA-BACE)</strong></li> <li><strong>The <em>Global 6500</em> aircraft recently received Transport Canada certification and entered into service on September 30 </strong></li> <li><strong><em>Global 5500 and Global 6500</em></strong><strong> jets offer exceptional passenger comfort and a stunning redesigned cabin with exclusive features that are as innovative as they are luxurious</strong></li> <li><strong>Stellar lineup of Bombardier jets displayed at the convention, including the industry flagship <em>Global 7500</em> business jet, the <em>Challenger 350</em> and <em>Challenger 650</em> aircraft as well as a full-size mock-up of the new <em>Learjet 75 Liberty</em></strong></li> </ul> <p>MONTREAL, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following the dramatic unveiling of the <em>Global 5500 </em>and <em>Global 6500</em> aircraft in 2018 at the European Business Aviation Convention in Geneva, Bombardier debuted less than 18 months later, the all-new <em>Global 6500</em> aircraft, the latest addition to the award-winning and record-breaking <em>Global</em> family, at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining the <em>Global 6500</em> aircraft, is a stellar lineup of Bombardier aircraft on static display, including the industry flagship, <em>Global 7500</em> aircraft.<br /></p> <p>"We are proud to present our lineup of extraordinary business jets in Las Vegas, particularly our new <em>Global 6500</em> and <em>Global 7500</em> business jets, which redefine the standard in the industry for unparalleled cabin comfort, advanced technology and unrivalled performance," said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. "Game-changing aircraft like these make for an aviation experience that ...</p><p><a href= alt=Global 6500 Aircraft Shines in Las Vegas as it Makes Worldwide Debut at NBAA-BACE 2019>Full story available on</a></p> TSX:BBD-A TSX:BBD-B TSX:BBD.A TSX:BBD.B Press Releases General TSX:BBD.B TSX:BBD.A TSX:BBD-A TSX:BBD-B Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 23:22:53 +0000 Globe Newswire 14641301 at Sunrise and Huawei Announced Multiple 5G Indoor Deployments in Switzerland <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <p>ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Recently, Sunrise and Huawei jointly announced 5G indoor deployments in multiple venues including Sunrise shops, hotels and an exhibition hall. This is the first batch of commercial 5G indoor networks in Switzerland and Europe using Huawei 5G LampSite solution.</p> <p>In 5G era, indoor scenarios are highly important as indoor 5G will serve not only personal usages but also many vertical industry use cases. With the aim to provide the best 5G experience, Sunrise&#039;s strategy is to build up a 5G system based on cutting-edge technologies and future-proof architectures. Transitioning from traditional DAS to state-of-the-art DIS (digital indoor system) is the first step while planning for multi-operator availability to improve investment efficiency is the next step in the near future.</p> <p>In May, Sunrise started 5G deployments in Sunrise Shops when 5G was officially launched in Switzerland. Customers are now able to try out 1Gb/s ultra-fast ...</p><p><a href= alt=Sunrise and Huawei Announced Multiple 5G Indoor Deployments in Switzerland>Full story available on</a></p> Press Releases General Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 23:22:26 +0000 Globe Newswire 14641299 at Whitestone Improves Tenant Mix of Providence Plaza and the Stability of Cash Flows Despite Retail Headwinds <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <p align="justify">HOUSTON, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whitestone REIT&#039;s (NYSE:<a class="ticker" href="" rel="nofollow">WSR</a>) ("Whitestone" or the "Company") expertise in crafting the best tenant mix to meet the needs of the local community providing sustainable cash flow despite the ongoing retail headwinds is reflected by the recent additions of Sprint, The UPS Store, Iora Health (Humana), PAE, and the expansion of Vishala Grocery to Providence Plaza.<br /></p> <p align="justify">Jim Mastandrea, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "The recent bankruptcy of Forever 21 reminds us that, now more than ever, assembling the right tenant mix and improving the quality of revenues is imperative. Our ‘e-commerce resistant&#039; business model focusing on local and service-based retail versus the national hard-good retailers continues to prove its value. Our model has greatly reduced our exposure to the headwinds affecting others in our space. Quite frankly, we have barely been affected."</p> <p align="justify">Mr. Mastandrea added, "As local curators, it is our passion to ...</p><p><a href= alt=Whitestone Improves Tenant Mix of Providence Plaza and the Stability of Cash Flows Despite Retail Headwinds>Full story available on</a></p> WSR Press Releases General WSR US9660842041 Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 23:00:05 +0000 Globe Newswire 14641247 at YES Communities CEO Steven Schaub Named One of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019 by Goldman Sachs <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <p>Denver, CO, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Goldman Sachs has named Steven Schaub, CEO of YES Communities as one of the Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019.  </p> <p> </p> <p>Schaub was honored for his instrumental work that has reshaped the manufactured housing industry through innovation, building community and delivering on the best in class resident experience. Schaub was among the 100 top entrepreneurs across numerous industries honored by Goldman Sachs at their Builders + Innovators Summit last week in Santa Barbara, California.</p> <p> </p> <p>"True innovation is built from a diversity of perspectives and experiences," said David M. Solomon, Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs. "Our Builders ...</p><p><a href= alt=YES Communities CEO Steven Schaub Named One of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019 by Goldman Sachs>Full story available on</a></p> News Management Press Releases General News Management Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 22:41:23 +0000 Globe Newswire 14641211 at Huawei Announces Shipment of over 400,000 5G Active Antenna Units <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <p>ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – During a keynote speech delivered at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2019, Ryan Ding, Huawei Executive Director of the Board and President of Carrier BG, noted that among consumers, households, and vertical industries, there is a real and urgent demand for 5G. Large-scale 5G rollout has begun worldwide, and according to Ding, carriers can monetize 5G by quickly developing services that can be immediately commercialized.</p> <p>During his speech, titled &#34;Making 5G a Commercial Success&#34;, Ding noted that in just one year, standards, spectrum, and devices have all become 5G-ready and that this has never been seen in past generations of mobile communications over the last 30 years.</p> <p>In early 2019, South Korea became the first country to launch 5G services. Just months later, China also launched 5G services and is now on course to build 600 to 800 thousand 5G base stations by the end of 2020. Global carriers are racing to deploy 5G networks. So far, 56 carriers around the world have built 5G networks and 40 carriers have launched 5G services. Huawei has won more than 60 5G contracts and shipped over 400,000 5G active antenna units ...</p><p><a href= alt=Huawei Announces Shipment of over 400,000 5G Active Antenna Units>Full story available on</a></p> Press Releases General Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 22:19:52 +0000 Globe Newswire 14641171 at Experts Warn Of China's Influence At US Ports <p>Trade flowing into and out of U.S. ports is increasingly vulnerable to market turmoil as China strengthens its investment foothold around the world, according to geopolitical experts.</p> <p>Testifying at a recent congressional hearing in Washington on China&#039;s<a href=""> Maritime Silk Road initiative</a>, Carolyn Bartholomew, chair of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, said China can use its financial control at foreign ports to create markets through which it can strengthen its trade relationships.</p> <p>"By owning and/or operating a network of logistical nodes across Asia, Europe and Africa, China can control a significant portion of its inbound supply chain for essential commodities and outbound trade routes for its exports," Bartholomew said during the Oct. 17 hearing. "In the event of conflict, China could use its control over these and other ports to hinder trade access to other countries."</p> <p>Bartholomew cited data revealing that at least two-thirds of the world&#039;s top 50 container ports are owned by the Chinese or supported by Chinese investments, up from roughly 20% a decade ago. Those investments include terminals at major U.S. container ports in Los Angeles and Seattle.</p> <p>Officials at the Chinese state-owned COSCO, among the world&#039;s largest container shipping lines,<a href=""> acknowledged in 2018</a> that the company had connected its shipping routes along its Maritime Silk Road with emerging regional markets in West Africa, Northern Europe, ...</p><p><a href= alt=Experts Warn Of China&#039;s Influence At US Ports>Full story available on</a></p> China Freight Freightwaves News shipping Global Markets General News Global Markets General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:52:49 +0000 FreightWaves 14640988 at Canadian National Sees Third-Quarter Profit Amid headwinds <p>Despite a lower operating ratio and higher revenue and net profits in the third quarter, <strong><a href="">Canadian National Railway</a></strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">CNI</a>) said it plans to lower its guidance for 2019 amid sluggish rail volumes and a softer North American economic outlook.</p> <p>The railroad now expects its adjusted diluted earnings per share (EPS) in 2019 to grow in the high single-digit range, compared with its July outlook of low double-digit growth, "in light of the deterioration in North American rail demand [and] as the economy continues to weaken," the company said when it released its earnings on October 22. Its adjusted diluted EPS in 2018 was C$5.50. (A Canadian dollar is worth US$0.76.)</p> <p>Third-quarter net profit was C$1.2 billion, compared with C$1.1 billion in the third quarter ...</p><p><a href= alt=Canadian National Sees Third-Quarter Profit Amid headwinds>Full story available on</a></p> canadian national CNI Earnings Freight Freightwaves News Q3 results Railroads Industry Global Markets General CNI CA1363751027 News Earnings Global Markets General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:51:27 +0000 FreightWaves 14640986 at FreightWaves NOW: Volumes have stabilized while van rejections fall <p>On today&#039;s action-packed episode of FreightWaves NOW, Nick Austin brings the weather update, Kyle Cunningham ...</p><p><a href= alt=FreightWaves NOW: Volumes have stabilized while van rejections fall>Full story available on</a></p> Freight Freightwaves Logistics News Supply Chain General News General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:49:45 +0000 FreightWaves 14640987 at Oxygen Taps Allpoint Network to Breathe Surcharge-Free Cash into its Banking Application <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <p>HOUSTON, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oxygen, a newly launched fintech focused on serving gig-economy and self-employed workers, has partnered with <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><u>Cardtronics</u></a> and its <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><u>Allpoint Network</u></a> to provide surcharge-free cash access to Oxygen customers through Allpoint&#039;s 55,000 ATMs. Oxygen serves an important need by providing credit and banking services to freelance and independent workers. Through the Allpoint Network, the fintech&#039;s customers will now also enjoy physical cash access to supplement the digital financial services provided by Oxygen.<br /></p> <p>Oxygen, backed by Y Combinator and funded by a variety of Silicon Valley venture capital firms, is expanding quickly as a result of tapping into the substantial but underserved market of self-employed workers. Because this demographic&#039;s income fluctuates frequently, many independent professionals find it hard to access banking services beyond a basic consumer account, while business and personal loans are difficult to obtain. Oxygen understands the important contribution of independent workers and takes a more holistic approach to meeting their full financial service needs.</p> <p>"Oxygen provides comprehensive banking services combining a line of credit offering with no-fee accounts, including no-fee ATM access through our new partnership with Cardtronics," says Hussein Ahmed, Founder ...</p><p><a href= alt=Oxygen Taps Allpoint Network to Breathe Surcharge-Free Cash into its Banking Application>Full story available on</a></p> CATM Press Releases General CATM US14161H1086 Press Releases General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:12:40 +0000 Globe Newswire 14640831 at 15 Stocks Projected To Have The Biggest 5-Year EPS Declines <p>Each earnings season, traders obsess over two numbers above all else: EPS and revenue. But seasoned traders know share prices often respond to the direction of EPS and revenue growth rather than their magnitude and size.</p> <p>A company with a low price-to-earnings ratio may look cheap to value investors at first glance. But if its EPS is declining over time, it could be a major red flag that something is fundamentally wrong with a company&rsquo;s business model. Companies can milk earnings from businesses in secular decline for years, but those earnings declines almost always catch up to investors eventually.</p> <h3>Largest Projected EPS Declines</h3> <p>Many stocks experience ...</p><p><a href= alt=15 Stocks Projected To Have The Biggest 5-Year EPS Declines>Full story available on</a></p> ADM COP DLPH DO FE HFC KHC NKTR NUE NWL PLD PSX SLG STT WDC Education Top Stories Trading Ideas General NKTR US6402681083 ADM US0394831020 COP US20825C1045 DO US25271C1027 FE US3379321074 NUE US6703461052 NWL US6512291062 PLD US74340W1036 SLG US78440X1019 STT US8574771031 WDC US9581021055 HFC DLPH PSX KHC Education Top Stories Trading Ideas General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:00:22 +0000 Wayne Duggan 14639078 at Boeing's Q3 Earnings Release To Be Dominated By 737 MAX Troubles <p><strong>Boeing Company</strong>&#039;s stock (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">BA</a>) has fallen 32% since documents turned over to Congress and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Oct. 17 revealed that a <a href="">former Boeing test pilot kept quiet in 2016 about problems he encountered with the 737 MAX&#039;s flight control system</a> since blamed in two fatal crashes.</p> <p>The chief technical pilot for the 737 also convinced the FAA at the time to remove mention of so-called MCAS software from the operating manual and pilot training for the MAX because it rarely would be activated. Lawmakers and the FAA reacted angrily to the late disclosure.</p> <p>And a panel of international aviation experts recently determined that Boeing withheld key information about the 737 MAX from pilots and that the FAA didn&#039;t fully understand its automated flight system.</p> <p>The new revelations are raising questions about whether the plane will be cleared for commercial flight anytime soon. Although 737 types like the MAX carry modest amounts of cargo, the situation is important for shippers and airline cargo divisions because airlines may have to continue operating with lower-than-expected capacity and the company&#039;s overall health is important for other production lines, including for freighters.</p> <p>On Oct. 22, one day before its earnings call, Boeing made several executive changes and issued an update of technical, organizational and customer-focused steps it has taken to improve its safety culture as it tries to regain the confidence of regulators, customers and the flying public.</p> <h3>Damage Control</h3> <p>The company named Stan Deal to succeed Kevin McAllister as head of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Ted Colbert to succeed Deal as president of Boeing Global Services, effective immediately. Vishwa Uddanwadiker is replacing Colbert as interim chief information officer. Earlier this month, the board separated the roles of chairman and chief executive officer, a move ostensibly made to give CEO Dennis Muilenburg space to focus on operating the company that also suggests he may be on a shorter leash to complete reforms and stem financial bleeding on the commercial side. </p> <p>"Boeing will emerge stronger than ever from its current challenges and the changes we&#039;re making throughout Boeing will benefit the flying public well into the ...</p><p><a href= alt=Boeing&#039;s Q3 Earnings Release To Be Dominated By 737 MAX Troubles>Full story available on</a></p> air cargo BA Boeing Earnings Freight Freightwaves News Q3 results Global Markets General BA US0970231058 News Earnings Global Markets General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 20:59:45 +0000 FreightWaves 14640600 at ELD Compliance Numbers Stagnate Ahead Of December Deadline <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p>About 3% of carriers are still using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs), according to the most recent average of several FreightWaves surveys. The number dropped under 5% several weeks ago and has remained below that mark since, suggesting most carriers have already made the switch to electronic logging devices (ELDs).</p> <p>FreightWaves conducts these weekly surveys in partnership with <a href="">CarrierLists</a> and <a href="">EROAD</a> to take the pulse of the trucking industry ahead of the Dec. 16 compliance deadline. At that time, the AOBRD grandfather clause will run out and all non-exempt carriers will be required to install ELDs.</p> <p>Fleets of all sizes running various routes are surveyed, and the respondent pool changes each week. This allows for a more comprehensive view of what is happening in the industry. This week, 189 carriers responded to the survey. Only 2.1%, or four carriers, reported still running AOBRDs.</p> <p>That is <a href="">down from last week</a>, when 4% of carriers reported still using their old telematics devices. It is, however, up from two weeks ago, when only 1.8% were using AOBRDs. This week-over-week climb does not indicate that more carriers have started installing AOBRDs. Instead, it is a result of the changing respondent pool. </p> <p>When this week&#039;s results are combined with ...</p><p><a href= alt=ELD Compliance Numbers Stagnate Ahead Of December Deadline>Full story available on</a></p> ELD Freight Freightwaves Logistics News Supply Chain trucking General News General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 20:57:24 +0000 FreightWaves 14640601 at Wedbush Remains A Del Taco Bull Despite Disappointing Quarter <p>Mexican-American quick service restaurant chain <strong>Del Taco Restaurants Inc</strong> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">TACO</a>) reported disappointing <a href="">third quarter results</a> Monday afternoon which could result in a &quot;realistic bar&quot; moving forward, according to Wedbush.</p> <h3>The Analyst</h3> <p>Wedbush analyst <a href="">Nick Setyan</a> maintains an Outperform rating on Del Taco with a price target lowered from $13 to $11.</p> <h3>The Thesis</h3> <p>Del Taco&#39;s management offered some fourth quarter to date commentary which points to a sequential improvement in comp trends, Setyan wrote in a note. In addition, management&#39;s full-year 2019 same-store sales growth guidance of 1.0% (prior low-single-digit) still suggests a slight improvement on a two-year comp basis.</p> <p>Same-store sales ...</p><p><a href= alt=Wedbush Remains A Del Taco Bull Despite Disappointing Quarter>Full story available on</a></p> Analyst Color Earnings News Nick Setyan QSR TACO Wedbush Price Target Restaurants Analyst Ratings General TACO News Analyst Color Earnings Price Target Restaurants Analyst Ratings General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 20:56:56 +0000 Jayson Derrick 14637207 at Dan Cushman Dives Into Diversifying PAM's Focus <p><strong>P.A.M. Transportation Services </strong>(NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">PTSI</a>) has over time "defied the performance of the market," as noted by FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller.</p> <p>Dan Cushman, president and CEO of P.A.M., shared with Fuller the efforts he&#039;s made in diversifying the carrier&#039;s focus as part of the FreightWavesTV show "Fuller Speed Ahead."</p> <p>"I think we have clearly identified who we are, what we want to be, and being the best at what we do in every division that we participate in and we do that extremely well. When I first got there I really focused on establishing a sustainable profit model, and I feel like we&#039;ve done it and we&#039;re true to ourselves," said Cushman.</p> <p>Cushman joined P.A.M. in 2009 during the early months of recovery following the 2008 financial crisis, in which American automobile manufacturers saw major declines in production and sales. With P.A.M. operating mainly as an auto-carrier, Cushman had to think long and hard ...</p><p><a href= alt=Dan Cushman Dives Into Diversifying PAM&#039;s Focus>Full story available on</a></p> Freight Freightwaves GM Logistics News PTSI Supply Chain General PTSI US6931491061 GM US37045V1008 News General Benzinga Tue, 22 Oct 2019 20:55:32 +0000 FreightWaves 14640603 at